CK Out

I'm off to Colorado+Utah until the 23rd. If you need to get in touch with me, cell phone is your best bet followed by email. There will be lots of pictures when I return. Later.

Speakers, Music, and Music playing software

Something very weird happened this morning. I was checking email and all that sort of thing and turned on some music but there was no sound coming out of the sub. It was working fine yesterday and its a pretty nice setup so that was just odd. The sub has two cones in it and neither one was moving at all. I moved around some wires on my computer yesterday and plugged a paper shredder into the same outlet so i thought that might be related somehow so I plugged the line in into my ipod and put it on a different circut. Still no bass. Next step was opening the thing up and checking resistance across the speakers and driver circuits on the amp for it. (It's a BASH amp and it's pretty neat looking compared to a lot of other amps I've taken apart) Everything looked fine, but I notice that one of the wires to one of the cones was actually unplugged! I plugged it back in, plugged the power back in and it worked. How on earth did that one wire behind 9 screws unplug itself sometime when I was asleep? Crazy.Back to listening to the new Thrice CD: Vheissu. It's amazing and "Atlantic" on it may now be in the top 25 songs for me.Additionally I am no longer using Rhythmbox to play music. There's apparently a bug that causes gamin (A tool that informs userspace applications when a file on the filesystem changes using the inotify support in the kernel instead of constantly polling the directory for changes like the old "famd" did) to use up lots of cpu when Rhythmbox is running. The possible bugfix to completely disable music library monitoring is in CVS for them but hasn't made it into a release yet apparently, so hopefully 0.9.4 or 1.0 will fix it. We'll see. I'd like to keep using it as it has pretty good integration with Gnome and will mesh with my iPod nicely when support for that makes it into a release. Also, Songbird isn't out yet but if they get Linux support before Rhythmbox puts out another update, it may be time for a switch.

Grad School

So it looks like things are working out about how they should... I got accepted for a MS in Computer Science at Georgia Tech for next fall and I'm in the budget at OIT to keep doing research so I'll get a tuition waiver and they'll keep paying me.  Emory sent me an acceptance letter today for a MS in CS over there and an offer for a fellowship thats a tuition waiver and a very nice wad of cash.  My plan was for only one of them to accept me but we'll see what I decide. I'll probably stick around at tech and I've got to let them both know by the 15th of April.

Bike wrecks and Fish among other things

So basically, a SUV pulled out in front of me forcing me to turn sharply on the bike and end result is everything is fine by my laptop which isn't really fine. With laptop and Mac OS X gone, I'm now using Linux on the desktop for eveything. I got an awesome deal on a new dell 24" widescreen monitor and have been finding software replacements. F-Spot is a fan-friggin-tastic photo management app for Linux. It handles my 11k+ pictures with no problem and playce niceley with Canon RAW images. It also has inspired me to tag the people in all of my pictures and I've slowly put a big dent in that. F-Spot even exports directly to Gallery. Cool. To replace iTunes, I'm using Rhythmbox. It's not quiiite nice enough yet, but it'll do. It has built in support for so my profile there is back to updating again, and iPod support in in CVS so I hear. iCal has been replaced by the calendar component of Evolution and I've switched from using Thunderbird for e-mail to the Mail component of Evolution. This has been a bit of a rocky road, but it's getting there. Spam filtering in Evolution doesn't seem as powerful and the calendar has some quirks, but all and all it's better than the disjoined thing I had going on with email in Thunderbird on Linux and events in iCal on the Mac. Bluetooth is working in Linux and I just need to get my phone synching with Evolution, and next time a video project rolls around I'll need to see how Kino works.In other news I now have a fish (Thanks Laura!). He's a Beta and his name is Stinky. One of my server's had now been turned on for close to 250 days with no problems. (see it's phpsysinfo page) Gallery 2.1 is about to be out. I'm working on the backend of a super cool website that will go live on April 1st: I got a bunch of free prints at Shutterfly from codes I found on SlickDeals. Pictures from the 10D at 8x10 look fantastic and now I just have to figure out where to hang them up. And, partialy thanks to the ever growing popularity of Faster Mustache (now up to over 1000 topic and 11000 comments), Critical Mass Atlanta is continuing to grow and take over downtown the last friday of every month.Lastly, I head back yesterday that Georgia Tech has accepted me into their Graduate program for a Masters in Computer Science. I still have an interview at Emory for their program, but it's looking like I get to delay the inevitable atleast another two years and classes will start this Fall.

Cameras, Christmas, and Crazyness

Bulleted list updates seem like the way to go for things that aren't about anything in particular so here goes:

  • Christmas
    • Came and went, nothing too too eventful
    • I got:
      • Lots of random little stuff
      • Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens
      • GT Cycling Jersey
      • Johnny Quest Season 1 on DVD
      • Cooking books, Photography books, and a Travel book
    • I gave my parents a tivo that involved what turned out to be some craigslist sketchyness. First they gave me the wrong remote and now the thing just decided to die. They got a new one that was free with a rebate and all so it's more along the lines of the thought that counts but eh, thats annoying that it broke. Really annoying.
  • Camera stuff
    • I Used Canon's super awesome "Cash In With Canon" deal, Amazon's discount, A new Visa, and by acting as a passthrough for a friend to get a lens so that I could get a new camera and lens at what ended up being 25% off. The 20D replaces my year old 10D and the EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens is about the sweetest lens ever. Fast and sharp, theres some pics taken with it in the Trips>2006>Jan-Knoxville album in my Gallery.
    • To put things in perspective, I took 3455 pictures with my little Canon S200 over almost 3 years.  Then I took 6036 with the 10D in 9 months, so we'll see how long the 20D lasts :)
    • The 10D is up for sale.  675$ is the asking price, let me know if you want it. It's been good to me.
  • Hopefully new Apple laptops come out tomorrow so they can get beat up on for a few months so that when rev2 comes out I can replace my aging Powerbook.  As of tomorrow it will be right at 5 years old and It's usefulness is decling a lot.  I'd like to have an OSX machine around, but if the new laptops either don't show up or don't do it for me, I may end up with an x86 laptop running Linux and a Mac Mini a few months out for that sort of thing.  It's good to have the big three in my room for development and testing, and the ancient x86 box with Windows on it never gets booted up so it's just fine how it is.  Next thing I need for my desktop is a new monitor and Dell now has a 30" so prices on slightly smaller ones should start to dip a little bit. a 24" or two 19" ones would be awesome.
  • I'm somewhat scrounging for things to do over the next couple of months before I find out if GT is going to let me in to Grad School, but here's the list so far:
    • Paid research assistant for GTRNOC working on CPR. Same thing I worked on last semester for credit, hopefully what I will be working on as a grad student.
    • Web architect for  It's top sekret for the moment, but keep checking back for something really awesome!
    • Doing random websites for random people that keep getting in touch with me. 
    • Server setup and managing through a friend of mine for nights when I'd rather get a fresh Gentoo install up and running with all kinds of services instead of sleeping.

More updates will happen more often now as I have a bit more time. We'll see how productive things turn out to be..

Graduated among other things

It's been another crazy long amount of time since my last bit of ramblings here and a lot has gone on, so here goes another bulleted list:

  • New website. You're looking at it now. It's not a whole lot different but its better:
    • the menus at the top are all CSS now and work in Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, and Konqueror
    • the menus are generated dynamically so it's super easy for me to move things around and not have to update lots of files.
    • little slivers of color above titles so you know how you got to where you are.
    • the title of the page in the title bar of your web browser now shows you where you are
    • Random Image and Newest Album blocks on the left from the new Gallery 2 install which replaced the old Gallery 1
    • Coming soon calendar block on the left so people can see where I am at the moment without having to dig around.
    • Better layout using CSS for everything. HTML tables should be few and far between. The site can now fill up a whole window without problems so there should be lots less scrolling out there for those of you with much bigger monitors than me.
    • Updated wantlist (get me stuff! its christmas time!)
    • New documentation for how I run my server: watching the system for problems and dealing with lots of virtual hosts (Under projects->hosting at the top)
    • coming soon
      • better page navigation for news, portfolio, and things with lots of pieces
      • updated bookmarks page which will be way better and maybe even useful
      • old picture URLs from news will be fixed to work with Gallery 2 now that Gallery 1 is gone from here
  • New Server- This website and a bunch of others are running on my new server. Its a dual Amd Opteron 246 with 2GB of DDR ECC RAM and a 120GB SATA raid 1 array. "pudge" is sitting in a colo downtown with a 1MB/s pipe and doing a much better job than the old box.
  • BIkes
    • Faster mustache continues to explode.  Lots of good times
    • My old Gary Fisher Tasajara front suspension mountain bike is now a single speed no suspension commuter style bike with city tires. I've been riding it to campus and and all over the place. It's lots of fun and can take a bit more of a beating than the road bike. The ratio on it is 42:13 which is crazy hard but its good exercise.  I'm going to have to ride the road or mountain bike again and see how much better shape it has me in.
  • School
    • After 4.5 years with 10 semesters taking some number of classes, I've graduated from Georgia Tech. My last semster was all As which puts my final GPA riiiight below a 3.0. Final projects for Science and Technology Policy and Music Theory both turned out pretty sweet and they'll be available on here sometime.
    • I'm hoping they let me into graduate school at GT but my GRE scores weren't anything special so we will see what happens a few months from now. The application is in and people are finishing up their recomendation letters.
  • Laura and I made it to 6 months during which time my brother and his g/f got engaged. Crazyness.
  • Work
    • I did my first bit of Windows development at work and finished a service that runs on Windows Server 2003 and allows other machines to request a password reset via .NET remoting.
    • I did my first bit of Linux system development with a module for pam that enforces password complexity requirements. It works on Linux, Solaris, and AIX and is pretty sweet.
    • They guys I do research for at GTRNOC are looking for money to pay me next semester and perhaps through grad school.

Updates will be more often now that I have graduated and won't have any more official projects with deadlines to be working on at home.  Gallery 2 is going to get a lot more attention from me now and hopefully the XML-RPC module will be born. But enough of this for now. Its Firday night, who wants to go ride bikes?