2 Weeks

Yay. People commented and all that good stuff.  This thing is apparently more out there than I think.  Because of all the links from Gallery related sites, this page is ranked pretty highly by Google and people seem to find me. Here are a couple of crazy examples.

  • I posted some not so positive comments about the Metropointe Lofts (I'd put a link to their site here but I can't seem to find one..) and the next day I got a phone call from one of their sales people asking me to clairify why I felt the way that I did and what I thought their image was to other people. That totally surprised me and I went back and adjusted my comments a bit to be more accurate.
  • I posted a link to this Guys pancake photo gallery and the next day he sent me an IM asking where I heard about his website.
  • Then today I got an IM: "Hey, I am booking a tour for an awesome band from Ireland. can you tell me any promoters or venues in the Atlanta area that book emo/rock/screamo bands?" Crazness.  So I told him that he should see about getting Morello, the band he is working with, to play at the Cotton Club.

No work this week because my boss got married, so I decided to take advantage of it. Last night I drove around Atlanta all over the place for a while with Laura and finally ended up going to sleep here some time around 3:30.  Slept til 10:30 which is the same amount of sleep I usually get but it feels like sooo much more, and got some things done before heading to class. More watching group presentations today. Some where pretty cool and some, well, not so much.. I still think my senior design project outdoes the others that I've seen. The lab on SQL Injection that I'm writing for the final project in Internetwork Security is almost done and after that I'm off the hook for the semester.

I'm finally sitting down to plan the Europe trip and it is looking pretty sweet. It should go something like this:

  • Amsterdam
  • Paris, France?
  • Madrid, Spain:  staying with Katie whos parents own the house I live in here
  • Munich, Germany: staying with Jens, the language guy for Gallery
  • Berlin, Germany: staying with Lindsey on her school summer trip thing
  • Bergen, Norway: staying with Christian of the Gallery team
  • Oslo, Norway: staying with Terje of the Gallery team
  • Milan, Italy
  • Venice, Italy
  • Amsterdam

If you know of anywhere I should go or stay along the way let me know. Its gonna be crazy and I'm hopin to fit in as much as possible.

What to do tonight...

Almost There

Well the semester is almost over. Senior design presentation was today andit went quite well. After meeting last night at the Taco Bell at 9 and continuing on to the CoC and staying there until 2:30 or so we finally got everything working and our demo was awesome.  Everything worked almost as it was supposed to and that should end up being an A.

Given the 4 hours of sleep last night, I came home and slept for a few hours and then headed off to get some Chinese food with Laura and a couple of other people.  Got edamame which was the first time in a long time and it was awesome as usual, and then we went to see The Intrepreter. It was pretty good and was sufficient to keep everyones attention the whole time. None of us are quite sure exactally what happened and who knew what in the movie, but thats ok.  There was a preview for Red Eye and thats gonna be on the list of things to see when it comes out.

But back to whats left... In a few short hours I will be running around with Melissa to look with places to live and then me and one of the other Chriss are going to get together and write our lab for internetwork security.  Once we present that next week I have a take home short answer type final for Technology, Innovation, and Policy and then I'm done with the semester. My boss got married today so he is going to be out of town next wee so I won't be working, and my days will consist of figuring out this Europe trip and taking breaks for an hour or two each day to watch other groups big final presentations.

Speaking of planning for the summer I haven't heard back from Apple yet so I may not have gotten the student scholarship this go around in which case I won't be going to WWDC but theres still a month or so I think.. If I do go I'll be there a few days early to hang out some with David in Los Angeles first.  Also, the date has been set for the Gallery 2 release party so on August 20th, the weekend before classes this fall start, there will be a good 30 of us or so partying it up in New York, New York which should be very cool.

I finally gave in and go the new iPod I was talking about. Its a 60GB iPod Photo and is very cool.  I also got the iPod camera connector (the only reason I had to get a new iPod) which was definitely a good investement. It downloads the pictures off of my camera faster than the laptop, and after all my music and other pictures got transfered to it there are still 18GB of space for more stuff. At about 2MB a picture off of my EOS 10D,  thats a couple of pictures and should hold me over in Europe. More details on this and perhaps even a "review" once I get a chance to play with it more.

I should start figuring out what to do for my 21st birthday in a couple of months..

Anyways, its bedtime. More next week when all the time in the world exists.


So I figured I might as well get going taking pictures of more things just for the sake of taking pictures.  I remembred DPChallenge nd signed up.  Here's my profile and my first submission will be up for voting tomorrow or the next day in the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" challenge.

A quote from someones signature in the DPChallenge forums:

"A friend is someone who will bail you out of jail, but your best friend is the one sitting next to you saying "that was f***ing awesome""

And the obligatory cool URLs of the day:

And the ckdake.com update of the day: You can now comment on these news entry thing. The format isn't great but once people start to actually use it (and once I have some free time) I'll make it a little cooler and have it remember who you are and all that.

Crazyness to the extreme

 Wow its been a crazy week with two more crazy weeks to come.  Final presentation in innovation, technology, and policy on Thursday went very well. You can see the details at http://www.thegooley.com/files/pubp.asp?reset=true but basically we were supposed to have a quiz at the end of class but the professor was interested enough in what we were talking about that he cancelled it.  Doesn't get much cooler than that.  The presentation for information security on friday was pretty awful, but some people said that it wasn't as bad as I think it was. Either way that class is done with and hopefully a good grade will come out of it. Right after that it was off to the mountains with Mark to do some pyrotechnics for some boy scouts.  We made quite the fire with an electronic propane ignition system that lit it with a small explosion that worked quite well. The 1000 or so boy scouts seemed to enjoy it and back to atlanta we drove.  Per the usual pictures are available, the coolest ones being of the test ignition:


After that I spend a considerable portion of the weekend (almost all of it) working on senior design and the remote protocol is now fully functional. There is still some testing that needs to happen but success conditions work for every method. Oh yeah: new desktop background from some pictures at my parents house last week:


I love the new camera because the images are big enough to crop and split for a background that goes across both my monitors. Now I just need bigger monitors.. then a higher resolution camera... and it goes on.

Speaking of toys, does anyone want to buy a slightly used Apple 30GB iPod?  I got one a year or two ago and use it to listen to music in the car and need to get rid of it. I'm going to Europe for a few weeks and an iPod Photo makes more sense for holding images from my camera than taking the laptop.  And I definitely don't need to iPods.  So make me an offer and the old one could be yours. I'll be sad to see it go.

Crazy links from the last few days:

I registered for classes today and next semester (fall) is gonna be nice.  1 class M-T around 2pm for an hour or so, one class for a few hours Thursday evenings, and some undergrad research whenever I feel like fitting that in. In theory I'll still be working for The Fulcrum Group and we will just see how it all goes. Now I just need to find a place to live....

Frightening Statistics

Atanta Public Schools aren't the greatest. I went there for 3 years and turned out ok I think, but here are some numbers:

  • According to the Georgia Department of Education, the APS Cost-Per-Student for Fiscal Year 2004, was $11,116, compared to $8,206 Cost-Per-Student reported by the Council of the Great City Schools. The national average is $7,734 per student.
  • According to the Georgia Department of Education, 45.7% of APS students failed to graduate high school in 2004.
  • According to the Georgia Department of Education, in 2004, 78 percent of Atlanta students failed the End-of-Course Test in Algebra and 70 percent failed the test in Physical Science.
  • According to the Georgia Department of Education, the 2004 SAT test scores of APS seniors, 847, are 15 points lower than the 2003 SAT test scores, the lowest in the State.
  • According to a survey of APS teachers by the Atlanta Association of Educators, 73.8% do not feel that the Superintendent's reforms are effective.
  • Whether you have children attending APS or not, the Atlanta Public Schools account for 51% of our total property tax, double the amount paid to the City of Atlanta and Fulton County.

Good times at North Atlanta High.

The XML-RPC module for G2 is functional and now can do about half of the things it is supposed to do. Work shall continue on that into the evening.

Playing with the camera in manual mode some more, I got a pretty neat motion blur on some water:


Lastly, Melissa and I stopped by the Metropointe lofts today to check them out.

edit: Got a phone call asking what I though about the lofts so I figured I would fix this to make it a bit more accurate: 

They lofts are a lot like a dorm which is great for some people but not what I was looking for. The desk is built into the wall, they cost more than I'd like to pay, and make no easy accomidations for internet.  I need a very nice empty room that is cheap that I can fill with my things and share the cost of internet with the rest of the place.  I've got my own furniture and things and don't need a bed or a microwave included in the monthly cost, so forget that idea.  M-Street later this week?

Text Messages

First roommates dinner out was last night. We (Anya, Greg, Becca, and me) went to Micks (sp?) and I didn't get dream rolls. I don't know what came over me but whatever I had ended up being pretty good.  Good times.

So I was looking through my phone today and the 3 text messages I still have in my inbox are worth repeating:

  • From: reflexids, Subject: Interceptor Alert: Incoming, Text:  *NEW* --UDP--> 161 * Attack: 1 packets of type <snmp public access>
  • From: Melissa, Text: there's this guy marching around the park in a tutu, twirling a baton, and blowing a whistle...
  • From: Laura, Text: Hey. I just asked someone about radiators and they were like no good. Sadness.

ckdake.com news: There's now an RSS feed of my news available to all you avid readers out there

Group projects really suck. I don't like waiting on other people to get things done that I need to do my work and I don't like the way tech students like to work which is not at all until the very last minute.  Its Saturday afternoon and I feel like I'm stuck without anything to do because I'm waiting on people to get back to me and I have too much work to do to be sitting around not doing any of it.