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2019 Race Results

date type category race results placing points link Age Grade
2019.12.04Running8KAWS re:invent 8Kresults

2018 Race Results

date type category race results placing points link Age Grade
2018.05.20Mountain BikingepicTour de Lyme03:11:165/26+results
2018.05.23Running5kStamford Boys & Girls Club 5K00:20:4057/1616 Overall, 2nd on 11/94 Team,2nd on 8/86 open teamresults
2018.06.08RunningXCWaveny Cross Country Race #200:17:089/67 Overall, 9/43 Maleresults
2018.06.26Running3MWaveny Cross Country Predicted Time00:20:45Predicted: 00:20:26, 31/106 Overallresults
2018.07.04Running10kPeachtree Road Race00:47:462036/54676 Overall, 1664/27190 Male, 241/2894 Men 30-34results
2018.07.31RunningXCWaveny Cross Country Figure 80:15:4919/78 Overall, 15/49 Male, 5/10 M19-39results
2018.08.27RunningXCWaveny Cross Country Luminaria Loop

2017 Race Results

Going for the ATC Grand Prix series this year! <
date type category race results placing points link Age Grade
2017.01.01runningMen 30-34 4MATC Resolution Run00:27:418/73 category, 57/696 male, 66/1594 overall20results61.35
2017.02.11runningMen 30-34 5KATC Hearts and Soles 5k00:20:4218/190 age group, 97/760 male, 116/1894 overall10results63.2
2017.03.11runningMen 30-34 5KTour deCatur00:20:533/31 age group, 15/1149 overallresults62.65
2017.03.25runningMen 30-34 5KRefuge Run 5K00:21:271/15 age group, 3/494 overall63.95
2017.04.15runningMen 30-34 5KATC Singleton 5K00:20:103/46 age group, 25/351 male, 32/941 overall80results64.88
2017.04.22runningMen 30-34 5KGT pi mile00:20:365/81 age group, 41/733 male, 46/1301 overallresults62.97
2017.05.09runningMen 30-34 400mATC Grand Prix 400m1:01.634/10 age group, 18/171 male40results70.56
2017.05.20runningMen 30-34 5KThree Taverns 5K20:15.5 1/26 age group, 8/132 male, 8/252 overallresults64.61
2017.05.23shotputMen 30-34ATC All Comers Meet18.838/9 age group10results
2017.07.04runningMen 30-34 10KPeachtree Road Race00:46:47204/2842 age group, 1745/55410 overallresults57.29
2017.07.15runningMen 30-34 4MATC Dekalb/Decatur 4M00:28:079/70 age group, 73/591 male, 79/1293 overall10results60.58
2017.08.05runningMen 30-34 1MATC Tailgate 5K - 1M00:06:0910/27 age group, 41/250 male, 44/489 overall10results
2017.08.19runningMen 30-34 5KATC Atlanta's Finest 5K00:20:079/85 age group, 65/679 male, 79/1369 overall10results65.29
2017.09.04runningMen 30-34 5KAvondale Estates Labor Day 5K00:19:551/8 age group, 8/146 male, 8/270 overallresults65.94
2017.09.16runningMen 30-34 5KSBTF Race For Research 5K00:20:451/21 age group, 5/196 male, 5/448 overallresults63.29
2017.09.23runningMen 30-34 5KATC Wingfoot XC Classic 5K00:20:419/18 age group, 106/340 male, 120/595 overall10reuslts63.5
2017.10.22runningMen 30-34 5KATC Atlanta 5K00:20:154/36 age group, 32/334 men, 42/841 overall20results64.86
2017.10.28runningMen 25-34 5KHaunted Castle 5K00:20:423/17 age group, 4/235 overallresults63.45

2016 Race Results

ATC Overall Men 30-34 80 points, 22/200 season results.
date type category race results placing points Age Grade
2016.01.01runningMen 30-35 4MATC Resolution Run00:27:2011/78 category, 58/788 male, 72/1796 overallresults62.01
2016.02.06runningMen 30-35 5KATC Hearts and Soles 5K00:20:4123/99 category, 93/733 male, 119/1719 overallresults63.09
2016.03.12runningMen 30-35 5KTour deCatur00:21:505/31 category, 34/1446 overallresults59.77
2016.04.16runningMen 30-35 5KATC Singleton 5K00:20:158/29 category, 29/228 male, 33/512 overallresults64.44
2016.04.30runningMen 30-35 5KGT Pi Mile00:21:115/126 category, 51/753 male, 51/1310 overallresults61.61
2016.07.04runningMen 30-35 10kPeachtree Road Race00:45:09135/2848 category, 1014/28237 men, 1161/56913 overallresults59.28
2016.07.16runningMen 30-35 4MATC Dekalb/Decatur 4M00:27:5214/74 category, 78/613 male, 90/1287 overallresults60.94

2015 Race Results

ATC Overall Men 30-34 80 points, 22/200 season results.
date type category race results placing points Age Grade
2015.01.01runningMen 30-35 4MResolution Run00:29:0411/68 category, 77/667 male, 94/1505 overallresults58.12
2015.01.24runningMen 30-35 10KATC Peachtree City 10k00:46:215/23 category, 47/220 male, 56/350 overallresults58.07
2015.02.14runningMen 30-35 8KATC Spring Tune-Up00:37:398/30 category, 46/239 male, 58/502 overallresults56.45
2015.03.14runningMen 30-35 5kTour deCatur00:20:274/30 category, 22/1248 overallresults63.76
2015.05.17runningMen 30-35 12kBay to Breakersinjury - walked it
2015.07.04runningMen 30-35 10kPeachtree Road Race00:48:38318 category, 2478 male, 3048/54284 overallresults55.48
2015.07.18runningMen 30-35 4MATC Dekatur/Dekalb 4m00:32:5027/73 category, 181/600 male, 257/1305 overallResults50.5

2014 Race Results

date type category race results placing points Age Grade
2014.05.18runningMen 25-29 12kBay to Breakers0:54:42164/1925 category, 658/12965 male, 774/28253 overallresults59.78
2014.07.04runningMen 30-35 10kPeachtree Road Race0:44:39185 category, 1337/28478 male, 1554/57171 overallresults60.29
2014.09.20runningMen 5kSBTF Race For Research0:21:35.515/841results59.88
2014.12.13runningMen 10M 30-34Monday Night Brewing Westside 1001:18:3269/500, 14/24 categoryresults56.52

2013 Race Results

datetypecategoryraceresultsplacingpointsAge Grade
2013.02.09runningMen 25-29 5kHearts and Soles 5k0:22:0122/5520results58.64
2013.04.14runningMen 25-29 8kSpring Has Sprung0:37:5110/2720results56.06
2013.05.19runningMen 25-29 12k (A)Bay To Breakers1:00:58258/1771, 1312/21284 overallresults53.35
2013.07.04runningMen 25-29 10k (A)Peachtree Road Race0:50:46401, 3053/55714 overallresults52.94
2013.09.14runningMen 20-29 5kReynoldstown0:21:282nd age group, 6th overall
2013.11.02runningMen 25-29 5kRomp+Stomp0:21:418/80 age group, 31/386 men, 37/977 overallresults59.83
2013.12.14runningMen 25-29 10MMonday Night Brewing Westside 10M1:21:2249/~200 overall, 6/20 age groupresults54.55

2012 Race Results

2012.02.11runningMen 25-29 5kHearts and Soles 5K00:23:0119/5120results
2012.04.14runningMen 25-29 8kSpring Has Sprung 8k00:36:257/2220results
2012.07.04runningMen 25-29 10kPeachtree Road Race00:50:11335/2570 division, 3690 / 57809 overallresults
2012.07.14runningMen 25-29 4mDecatur/Dekalb YMCA 4M00:32:1820/4420results
2012.09.08runningMen 5kReynoldstown 5k00:23:3611/50results
2012.10.06runningMen 25-29 10kCartersville 10k00:51:398/2120results
2012.11.03runningMen 25-29 5kRomp and Stomp 5k00:21:5912/94 division, 61/951 overallresults
2012.11.22runningMen 25-29 13.1Atlanta Half Marathon01:47:31117/420 division, 1162/7551 overallresults

2011 Season Results

Chainbuster 6-hour Pro/Open Team Series893/75+results
Georgia Cross Series Mens 417429/191results
Georgia Cross Series Team 2297 7/150results
Track Mens Overall107.219/100+A and workdays 100%, B 60% (my full track results)
Track B1355/60results
Track A6126/112results
Track Team Overall100.342/28Only A/B/C wednesday racing counts (team results page)

2011 Race Results

2011.01.08mountainMen Under 30 - 34 milePinhoti TT Series #104:49:1813/20results
2011.02.05mountainMen Under 30 - 34 milePinhoti TT Series #205:00:4615/23results
2011.02.12mountainMen Pro/Open 6h Duo6 Hours of Heritage Park6 Laps, 5:23:38.611/2110results
2011.03.19mountainMen Pro/Open 6h Duo6 Hours of GIHP6 Laps, 5:09:336/2116results
2011.03.20roadWheelchair EscortGeorgia Marathonescorted Scott start to finishGPS trace
2011.03.22roadGeorgia Rides to the CapitolGPS trace
2011.04.06trackBRecord NightChariot 3rd, Win and Out 3rd, 8-mile record 4th5/146+1results
2011.04.13trackBWheelrace Night5l scr 6th, Miss and Out 6th, 30l points 6th10/17+1results
2011.04.20trackBMadison Night8l src 2nd, Win and In 6th, Madison 1st w/Jason, 20l tempo2/1412+1results
2011.04.27trackBRecord Nightchariot, Win and Out 3rd, 8-mile record8/103+1results
2011.04.29road100kAthens Twilight- GamblerGPS trace
2011.05.04trackBWheelrace Night5l scr 7th, miss-n-out, 30l points 2nd6/163+1results
2011.05.07mountainMen Pro/Open 6h Duo6 Hours of Fort Yargo6 Laps, 5:45:53.416/345results
2011.05.11trackBMadison Night8l scr, Win and In, Madison 6th w/Jason, 20l tempo8/18+1results
2011.05.13trackADLV Pro Race Series Sprint Night13.24s 200mtt, 5l rep, 5l scr, 10l scr, 20l motorpace19/36+1results
2011.05.14trackBDLV Pro Race Series "The Keirin"10l scr, 15l snowball, unk distance, 40l points, miss-and-out+1results
2011.05.18trackBRecord NightChariot 3rd, Win and Out 6th, 8-mile record10/131+1results
2011.05.25trackBWheelrace Night5l scr 8th, miss-n-out, 40l points 7th10/14+1results
2011.05.31trackPro/MadisonDLV Working Mans Madison20l Madison w/Jason 3rd, Miss-n-out 6th, 40l Madison w/Jason 3rd3/411+1results
2011.06.01trackPro/MadisonDLV Working Mans Madison10l scr 9th, 1 lap team TT w/Jason 22.75s 4th, 50l Madison w/Jason 4th3/56+1results
2011.06.08trackBRecord NightChariot 3rd, Win and Out 3rd, 8-mile record5/131+1results
2011.06.29trackBRecord NightChariot 1st, Win and Out, 8-mile record6/145+1results
2011.07.04runningBPeachtree Road Race49:43, Age Grade 54.0%3303/55090results GPS trace
2011.07.08trackADLV Pro Race Series Sprint Night12.98s 200m, 5l scr 3rd, 10l scr 2nd2/513+1results
2011.08.03trackBMadison Night8lscr 8th, win-n-in 9th, 30l madison w/Jason 4, 20l tempo 7th9/122+1results
2011.08.10trackBRecord Nightchariot 3rd, 10l win-n-out, 8m record attempt9/121+1results
2011.08.24trackBMadison Night8lscr, win-n-in 4th, 30l madison w/Jason 6th, 20l tempo9/112+1results
2011.08.27mountainMen Pro/Open 6h Duo6 Hours of Tribble Mill6 Laps, 5:32:56.54/1817results
2011.08.30trackADLV Working Mans Madison5l scr 6th, miss-n-out 5th, 20l points 6th7/81+1results
2011.08.31trackADLV Working Mans Madison10l scr, flying 1l tt 22.26s 7th, 20l points9/101+1results
2011.09.09trackADLV Pro Race Series Sprint Night13.425 200m tt (25/41), 5l rep, 5lscr 6th, 10l scr 5th8/1+1results
2011.09.10trackBDLV Pro Race Series "The Madison"5l scr 5th, win-n-out 6th, 40l points 6th10/142+1results
2011.09.14trackBMadison Night8l s cr 6th, unk dist 4th, 20l tempo7/82+1results
2011.09.17road100mileBeautiful Backroads Century101.59 miles, 5:36:01GPS trace
2011.09.24mountainMen Pro/Open 6h Duo6 Hours of Jackrabbit7 Laps, 5:50:42.76/1515results
2011.09.28trackBWheelrace Night5l scr 5th, miss-n-out 1st, unk dist 3rd, 30l points 2nd3/1016+1results
2011.10.08goldsprintsMenDLV End of season goldsprints19.00s qualifying (1st place), 1st place in final1/16
2011.10.30cyclocrossMen CGeorgia Cross GIHP25/6444results
2011.11.06cyclocrossMen CGeorgia Cross Centennial22/6443results
2011.11.12mountainMen Pro/Open 6h Duo6 Hours of Oak Mountain6 Laps, 5:53:48.65/1116*2results
2011.11.13cyclocrossMen CGeorgia Cross Jim Miller28/6842results
2011.12.18cyclocrossMen CGeorgia Cross Serenbe15/3833results

2010 Season Results

Track Mens Overall186.410/215A and workdays 100%, B 60% (my full track results) season is over
Track B2393/56
Track Team Overall5041/25Only A/B/C wednesday racing counts (team results page)

2010 Race Results

2010.01.02mountainMen Under 30 - 34 milePinhoti TT Series #15:24:0814/21results
2010.02.27running10k Men 25-29Charles Harris 10k50:3427/55results
2010.03.06mountainMen Under 30 - 34 milePinhoti TT Series #34:58:2317/22results
2010.03.21roadwheelchair escortING Atlanta Marathonvideo, writeup
2010.03.23roadGeorgia Rides to the Capitol
2010.04.07trackBDLV Wednesday #1 - madison8l src - 2nd, miss-n-out - 6th, madison w/jason - 5th, tempo4/116+1results
2010.04.21trackBDLV Wednesday #3 - wheelrace10l win-n-out 4th, 30l points race - 1 pt7/162+1results
2010.04.24running5kAthens Twilight 5k23:06100/427pdf resultsgps trace
2010.04.24road100kTerrapin Wake N Ridegps trace
2010.04.27trackBDLV Pursuit Night41.88s 500m (4/19), 1:24.35 1k (4/17), 3:02.41 2k (7/19), 5:03.49 3k pursuit win4/204+1results
2010.04.28trackBDLV Wednesday #4 - madison30l madison w/Jason - 3rd, 20l tempo - 2pt on last lap7/113+1results
2010.05.05trackBDLV Wednesday #5 - recordchariot, 15l win-n-in, 40l record attempt (17:58.22 unsuccessful)15/17+1results
2010.05.07trackB/openNeed For Speed Sprints13.18s 200m tt, 5l src, 5lscr, 10lscr 1st18/2812+1results
2010.05.08trackBThe Keirin10lsrc 8th, 15l snowball 6th, unk dist 8th, 40lpts 7th, miss-n-out 15th10/15+1results
2010.05.11trackBDLV Sprint Night12.9s 200m tt, 3l 3-person scratch 1st, 3l 3-person scratch 1st3/279+1results
2010.05.12trackBDLV Wednesday #6 - wheelrace5l scr - 6th, win-n-out 4th, 30l points - 6th7/172+1results
2010.05.16road100 mileTour de Cure Atlanta5:38:25 (104.33 miles)GPS trace
2010.05.19trackBDLV Wednesday #7 - madison8lscr - 6th, miss-n-out 4th, madison w/Jason 4th, 20ltemo 10th6/164+1results
2010.05.26trackBDLV Wednesday #8 - recordchariot 1st, win-n-in 4th, 40l record attempt 7th (18:21.41 unsuccessful)4/157+1results
2010.06.05-08roadRoad Biking in Portland for 4 days200+ miles, 13,000+ feet of climbingwriteup
2010.06.16trackBDLV Wednesday #11 - recordchariot 3rd, win-n-in 6th, 40l record attempt (rained out)11/161+1results
2010.06.20road100 mileVelodrome Century5:49:27 (102.11 miles)GPS trace
2010.06.29trackBDLV Working Mans Madison #1w/Jason: 20L Madison: 4th of 6, -1L +4pts; 40L Madison: 4th of 6, -1L +4 pts4/6 teams10+1results
2010.06.30trackBDLV Working Mans Madison #1w/Jason: 10L src, 1L Madison TT: 23.81 (4/6); 50L Madison: 5th of 6, -3L +8pts5/6 teams11+1results
2010.07.04running10kPeachtree Road Race50:13, Age Grade 53.5%3771/50044results GPS trace
2010.07.07trackBDLV Wednesday #13 - recordchariot 1st, win-n-in 7th, 40l record attempt5/105+1results
2010.07.09trackB/OpenNeed For Speed Sprints12.79s 200m TT -> qualified for sprint tournament! Lost match sprint vs Tim Henry11/315+1results
2010.07.10trackBThe Omnium5l src, 4l src 3rd, 15l point-a-lap, 40l points race, miss-n-out, 50l madison 7th (-4l, 2pts)9/166+1results
2010.07.14trackBDLV Wednesday #14 - wheelrace5lscr 3rd, win-n-out 7th, wheelrace 7th, 30l points race6/153+1results
2010.07.21trackBDLV Wednesday #15 - madison8l src 3rd, miss-n-out 1st, 30l madison w/Jason 3rd, 20l tempo2/813+1results
2010.07.27trackBDLV Pursuit Night39.62 500m (3/13), 1:15.75 3l Team Sprint5+1results
2010.07.28trackBDLV Wednesday #16 - recordChariot 3rd, win-n-in 4th, 40l record attempt 1st2/1110+1results
2010.08.04trackBDLV Wednesday #17 - wheelrace5l src 4th, win-n-out 6th, wheelrace 6th, 30l points race9/132+1results
2010.08.11trackBDLV Wednesday #18 - madison8l src, miss-n-out, 30l Madison - 4th w/Justin, 20l tempo9/152+1results
2010.08.14trackBDLV Regional Championships1:21.17 1k, 13.19 200m, 2 match sprints+1results
2010.08.18trackBDLV Wednesday #19 - recordChariot 2nd, Win-n-in 5th, 8mile record attempt7/124+1results
2010.08.25trackBDLV Wednesday #20 - wheelrace5l scr - 1st, 10l win-n-out 7th, 30l points race 8th, wheelrace 4th3/129+1results
2010.08.31trackBDLV Working Mans Madison #2w/Jason: 20L madison 4th (-2l, +2pts), 10l win-n-out, unk distance, 30l madison 4th (-3l, +5pts)4/4 teams4+1results
2010.09.01trackBDLV Working Mans Madison #210l scr, 22.82 Flying Lap Team tt (5/5), 50l Madison 5th (-3l, +5pts), Overall: -8l, +12pts4/5 teams4+1results
2010.09.04road100 mileMACC One Love Century06:10:04 (102.69) - Bob's first century!GPS Trace
2010.09.08trackBDLV Wednesday #22 - recordChariot 2nd, Win-n-in 2nd, 8mile record attempt 5th (unsuccessful)3/89+1results
2010.09.10trackB/OpenNeed For Speed Sprints12.92 200m tt, 5l src 8th, 10lscr 6th16/355+1results
2010.09.11trackBThe Madison5l scr 4th, win-n-out 9th, 40l points 7th, miss-n-out 1st4/1310+1results
2010.09.15trackB(w/A)DLV Wednesday #23 - wheelrace5l src, win-n-out, miss-n-out, 40l points race, wheelrace 5th11/121+1results
2010.09.22trackBDLV Wednesday #24 - madison8lsrc 3rd, miss-n-out 3rd, 15l tempo 3rd, Madison w/Justin 3rd3/611+1results
2010.09.29trackBDLV Wednesday #25 - recordChariot 2nd, Win-n-in 2nd, 8mile record attempt 3rd2/811+1results
2010.10.02goldsprintsDLV End of Season Party#4 seed with 24.86s 500m, beat @twotoneatl for 3rd in finals with a 24.48s 500m3/26

2009 Season Results

Track Mens Overall86.625/196A and workdays 100%, B 60%, Masters & C 40% and D 20% (my full track results) season is over
Track A3139/66Season end.It's not often that I race with As and get A points
Track B1938/55Season end.
Track C1142/53on 2009.09.02, upgraded to B so no more C points
Track D641/28on 2009.04.29, upgraded to C so no more D points for me
GSC XC-3 19-291527/62final: I raced almost the full GSC series. (my USA Cycling full mtb results)
SERC XC-3 19-296011/74final: I only raced a few SERC races but still managed to do alright.

2009 Race Results

2009.01.03mountainMen Under 30 - 17milePinhoti TT Series #12:40:57 - 6.33 mph3/4results
2009.03.07mountainMen Under 30 - 17milePinhoti TT Series #32:39:26 - 6.40 mph7/8results
2009.03.22mountainXC-3 19-29GSC#1 - East Macon Park70.99 - 10.31 mph9/1722results
2009.04.05mountainXC-3 19-29SERC#3 - Tsali80.83 - 10.32 mph9/1222results
2009.04.07trackDDLV beginners #15l scratch 1st, 15l pt 1st, miss-n-out 5th, unk dist 1st1/722+1results
2009.04.14trackD/1DLV beginners #25l scratch 3rd, 20l pts 4th, 10l pt-a-lap 3rd3/98+1results
2009.04.19mountainXC-3 19-29GSC#2 - Flat Rock Park59.19 - 10.85mph12/1719results
2009.04.21trackD/1DLV beginners #38l scratch 1st, win-n-out 2nd, 20l pts 2nd1/1117+1results
2009.04.26mountainXC-3 19-29GSC#3/SERC#4 - Ft. yargo59.71 - 10.85mph12/1919results
2009.04.28trackDDLV beginners #47l scratch 4th, 15l snowball 3rd, unk dist 4th7/147+1results - upgraded to C
2009.05.09trackADLV Sprint Tournament13.03s 200m17/291results
2009.05.13trackCDLV Wednesday5l scratch 3rd, unk distance 3rd, wheelrace final 4th, 20l pts 6th3/1010+1results
2009.05.20trackCDLV Wednesday8l scratch 3rd, miss-n-out 4th5/125+1results
2009.05.27trackCDLV WednesdayChariot 3rd, 10l win-n-out 4th5/113+1results
2009.06.10trackCDLV Wednesday8l scratch 4th, miss-n-out 4th6/124+1results
2009.06.14mountainXC-3 19-29GSC#4 - Heritage Park104.39 - 8.33mph13/1718results
2009.06.15goldsprintsErgon Invitational at Sweetwater3/20
2009.06.21mountainXC-3 19-29GSC#5/SERC#7 - Dauset63.89 - 9.39mph12/1219results
2009.06.24trackCDLV Wednesday5l scratch 1st, unk dist 5th, wheelrace 4th3/910+1results
2009.06.29roadSilver Comet 123 miler7:23:38 - 16.7mph
2009.07.01trackCDLV Wednesday8l scratch 5th10/111+1results
2009.07.08trackCDLV WednesdayChariot 3rd, 10l win-n-out 3rd, helped break 5mi scr record4/104+1results
2009.07.10trackADLV Sprint Tournament13.01s 200m16/235+1results
2009.07.15trackCDLV Wednesday5l scratch 5th8/161+1results
2009.07.19mountainXC-3 19-29GSC#7 - Ellijay86.46 - 8.33mph10/1221results
2009.07.22trackCDLV Wednesday8l scratch 3rd, 15l tempo 2nd4/148+1results
2009.07.29trackCDLV WednesdayChariot 1st, Win-n-out 3rd, 5mile 4th3/910+1results
2009.08.05trackCDLV Wednesday5l scr 4th, Unk 5th, Wheelrace 3rd, 20l pts 3rd3/1311+1results
2009.08.09mountainXC-3 19-29GSC#8 - Unicoi65.07 - 8.3mph12/1419results
2009.08.19trackCDLV WednesdayChariot 1st, Win-n-out 4th, 5mile 4th3/99+1results
2009.09.02trackC/BDLV WednesdayC 8l scr 1st, C miss-n-out 1st, C tempo 1st, B tempo 5thC 1/11 B 8/1119+1, B 1+1results - upgraded to B
2009.09.09trackBDLV Wednesdaychariot 4th, miss-n-out 6th, helped set B 40l points recordx/14+1results
2009.09.12-13roadFM.24.09organized and ran a successful event for 350+ riders!
2009.09.18trackADLV Sprint Tournament13.12s 200m, 5 Lap Repechage 5th17/225+1results
2009.09.19trackBDLV Pro Madisonrained out
2009.09.23trackBDLV Wednesdaycancelled due to broken lighting
2009.09.27roadSix Gap Century105.8 miles, 10607ft of climbing, 7:58:54 wheels moving905/1100+results
2009.09.30trackBDLV Wednesdaychariot 4th, win-n-in 3rd, unk distance 2l 6th, miss-n-out 6th6/103+1results
2009.10.11goldsprintsDLV End of Season Party at The Grange25.58 500m9/26results