I initially made this website from scratch and it has been a testing ground for everything I have learned over the years. It has been everywhere on the internet from geocities to tripod to a subdomain on and now it finally stands alone. It used extensive CSS and JavaScript to get the job done, as well as incorporating php, mysql, and mod_rewrite for content creation, modification, access, and generation. But then I ran out of free time and it is now powered by Drupal. The screenshot of the site is from right before I switched over to Drupal.


My first Drupal site to get used by lots and lots of people. Currently there are over 75,000 comments by almost 1000 users. Some friends and I started a biking organization and with this website have been able to reach out to the biking community in Atlanta and build an image for ourselves. Modifications to Drupal include:

  • random quotes submitted by users underneath the title
  • Google map of locations from users profiles and submitted locations
  • Recent stuff block to show threads with unread comments
  • Social-Graph module for analyzing forum discussions to see who knows who

Top logo by Krautstache Design


Put together in an evening, Portfolit is a simple, functional, and attractive way to browse Flickr. Read about the process here. Went live January 13, 2011


The domain that started it all. I've had it since 1999 and now it serves as a jumping off point for projects as well as the domain that all of my servers reside in. New design by Krautstache Design went live in December 2008

A dietitian came to me with the dream of a usable website for anyone in the world to find meals at restaurants near them that meet their dietary restrictions. It took a while to put together everything, but Krautstache Design came through with a great design and I was able to get things close to working using Drupal relying heavily on Views, jQuery, CCK, and some nifty geo-location tools for proximity searching with zip codes. The site went live on December 7, 2009 and will hopefully be the next big thing in the world of Dietitians.


The Dick Lane Velodrome continues to grow in popularity and 2 weeks ago I decided that I wanted to help them make their website easier to update and work with. In my free time over two weeks, I converted the existing site design into a Drupal theme, re-organized all information on the site, and built the new system. The new site went live in May 2009 and includes integration with Twitter and a new Facebook page, an easier to manage calendar thats built into the site, a message board thats built into the site, and weather and results continue to be uploaded to the system from various places. Look for some neat things to happen here over the next year!

Portfolio website for Kurt Rampton and Krautstache Design. This was my first time using jquery to implement on of Kurt's designs, and it turned out very well! (And I was able to surprise him with some of the neat things it does.)

Designed with Krautstache Design

Website went live 2009.01.06

Company website for Intentional Influence using Drupal.

Designed with Krautstache Design

Website went live 2008.12.02


Political web site running Wordpress with a custom theme. YUI was used for the button on the front page.

Designed with Krautstache Design

Product website for Eleon power. Showcases Eleon's technology, products, and applications. Eleon is a start up based on research and development from Georgia Tech that should dramatically change the battery market for many kinds of devices.

Designed with Krautstache Design

Website went live 2007.11.16

First ever website for Corndog-o-rama, an annual music event in Atlanta, GA. This is another site using Drupal but departs from my usual plan-and-simple square-and-lines type of designs.

Designed with Krautstache Design

Website went live 2007.05.24


I was the CTO of College Medium, LLC which means I spent several months doing all the infrastructure work and putting together the site. A new version of the site is up now that I didn't have much to do with but I learned a bit doing it and here are some of the cool things that were happening behind the scenes:

  • CSS for all visuals. That includes the nifty semi-transparent dropdown menus. Tables are only used for tabular data, where they should be
  • AJAX for loading state/city/school names and ids, as well for for dynamically loading contextual help and displaying it inline with the content when a user requests it
  • Secure one way hashing of passwords for storage, and one way generation of keys that are used to verify email addresses, cell phone numbers, referals, etc
  • mod_rewrite rules for pretty URLs and hiding things on the file system
  • InnoDB tables in MySQL for strict enforcement of foreign keys including properly deleting entitys that refrence a deleted parent entity
  • PHP running with suexec in mod_fastcgi for secure high performance PHP execution
  • On site messaging for completely anonymous communication between users. Absolutley no information is shared about users, not even their member id number on the site (unless they choose to share it)
  • Users can choose to receive text messages on their cell phone whenever they receive a new message on the site
  • Database of (hopefully) every single college in the united states
  • Logging of all system errors and hiding them from the user
  • Dynamic menu and page generation relying on group permissions in access control lists
  • Lots of other things I probably forgot!


Portfolio website for a modern architect in Atlanta.


Informative website for an artist to show her work and act as a digital portfolio and resume.

Designed with Krautstache Design

Website went live 2004.10.26


Corporate home page for The Fulcrum Group, a past Employer. Based on a design by a Graphic Designer.

Done as an employee of The Fulcrum Group.

Website went live 2004.10.22


Informative website for the Stewart and Company Salon. I didn't do the flash animations or most of the images, but the concept and implementation was mostly me. Site uses CSS and JavaScript to fade in content and make some things semi-transparent.

A project of Mister X Consulting.


Informative website as part of Jude Wendy Shoob's 2004 Re-Election Campaign for her seat on the Fulton County Superior Court. Everything but the photography was done by me.


Information site for Mister X Consulting of which I am a partner. I recoded the website using PHP, CSS, and web standards to make everything uniform and easier to use on all browsers.


My first shot at redoing the Gallery website and using the Drupal open source content management system.


Initial logo design and theme configuration of Drupal.


My first major web-design job. In my free time I was the webmaster for the Tip Alumni Association website where I published newsletters, re-designed the enter site from a template in Frontpage to something a bit more unique. For 2 years I managed this page, Creating dynamic content with PHP and keeping everything up to date. The current site is most of my design work converted to ASP with the color scheme and some images slightly modified by the new webmaster.