This was interesting while I was amassing a datacenter for my hosting business. Things have now moved to the cloud, and keeping my work and personal computers separate means not too many changes at home and a new work computer every 2 years.

At Home

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Timeline (August 2012) - Sold (April 2016)

Personal Laptop (April 2011) - Donated (December 2015)

Production web/db server. (August 2010) - RETURNED (August 2012)

Laptop for work (September 2009) - SOLD (July 2014)

Desktop at home. Remote backups of servers, iTunes media server. Previously was primary computer with 2x24" monitors.

mini9 (July 2009) - Donated (June 2013)

Netbook for computing on the go. (December 2008) - Donated (December 2015)

Production web/db server. (February 2008) - Donated (December 2015)

Production mail/ssl/app server (December 2007) - Returned (August 2010)

Laptop for work for access on the road and debugging weird windows problems with our servers. And for playing Team Fortress 2. (June 2007) - Donated (June 2013)

My previous desktop machine, now plugged into the TV (June 2006) - Sold (September 2009) (December 2006) - Donated (December 2015)

Folding@home, TOR relay, backup mail spool for for baloo, MySQL slave to pongo (October 2005) - Donated (December 2015)

stats, logging, reporting, ssh access, MySQL slave to baloo, Gentoo Portage server, (August 2004) - Sold (September 2010)

Power issue at datacenter ate this one too. (August 2004) - Sold

Old "Monorail" computer from 1995 with a small LCD in an All-in-one form factor. This was a project computer that I never had time for so it got sold to someone that would use it. (May 2004) - SOLD

Hardware: (November 2003) - Donated (July 2012)

Not currently doing anything, but it could be! (October 2003) - Recycled (April 2010)

This was my first rackmount server. It was in a colo, then moved into my garage acting as a home mail gateway, SNMP poller for my switch and router, and SSH gateway, back in the Colo as a dedicated web/mail server for a friend, and a power issue broke the filesystem for a last time and it wasn't worth setting back up. (March 2003) - Recycled

This is a desktop machine that was given to me by one of my residents (thanks 14!) when I was a Peer Leader at Georgia Tech. It brought me into the world of Linux in the summer of 2003 with my first installation of Gentoo. It was a desktop for a while, and then became a file/web server when I moved into "The Lair" in 2003. It had it's share of hardware problems recently, so everything was transitioned over to stitch. It then had some time as a Visual Studio test box, and while setting it up for part of the Faster Mustache 24 hour race tracking system, the motherboard died. (March 2001) - Recycled (June 2006)

The computer I had and used actively for the longest, It has run OS 9, Gentoo, and all versions of OSX. It got a 330$ repair job to make the speakers work again, the display work again, and eliminate the random turning off problem. Apple took care of it and I dragged this around with me pretty much wherever I went. I had it since they came out in early 2001 and it should have lasted for years to come but a SUV ran into me when I was biking home one day and it got pretty much destroyed. Doh.