I’m a technical polyglot with demonstrated knowledge in a wide range of technologies, with leadership experience and a track record of successful teams and projects. I’ve built full-stack web applications, automated a datacenter or two, and want to continue to solve bigger problems by leading a growing team of experts. I’ve worked remotely and with flexible hours, but like the structure and balance and typical hours that an office provide, and love calling Atlanta home. I’ve orchestrated a 24 hour bicycle race (and built its RFID tracking system), and I am well suited to play devils advocate or convince anyone to do anything from jumping out of a plane to using a particular project management methodology. I’m the Project Manager for the Open Source project Gallery, and run a small web hosting company that I started in 1999. I make things happen, from on time website launches to weekly after-work group runs. I’m usually early, always prepared, and positively impact everyone and everything around me.


Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Salesforce Pardot 2015-2017

I started at Pardot as part of the first try at hiring engineering managers from the outside, and helped to dramatically grow the engineering organization while continually improving the quality of our product and processes. I manage the “New Markets Program”, leading a team of Software Engineering direct reports and cross-funcitonal team members including Product Management, Program Managament, Quality Engineering, and Operations. In my first 90 days:

Director of Internal Operations, Big Nerd Ranch 2012-2015

Highgroove merged with Big Nerd Ranch to form an 85 person company in late 2012. I acted as Chief Operations Officer for the first 3 months of the merger to accelerate coalescing of processes and cultures. Currently, I manage the team of developers that work on internal tools that enable us to run our business from custom software to IT, and I work with the Leadership Team to figure out the direction these tools should take. We are up to ~120 people currently. My team:

Developer and Methodologist, Highgroove Studios 2010-2012

Hired with no Ruby on Rails experience as a Ruby on Rails developer, I quickly mastered the technology to build a bunch of functional and profitable applications for our clients. I was instrumental in growing our team from 5 to 30 people including finding new hires, organizing our first go at ‘teams’, writing our consulting playbook, mentoring other developers, and on-boarding clients. I taught several classes on Agile Development at both startups and Fortune 100 companies.

NOC Manager and Operations Engineer, SugarCRM 2008-2010

My first full-time job out of graduate school, I worked remotely to lead the charge to take SugarCRM’s datacenter from a patchwork of hand configuration to an automated (with Puppet), monitored, and scalable infrastructure. Before I left SugarCRM, I was leading a team of 3 with an annual operating budget of ~$600k and a 24/7 production environment.

Undergraduate and Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia Tech 2005-2007

While in school, I acted as the technical lead for CPR: the ‘Campus-Wide Network Performance Monitoring and Recovery System’. I wrote automation, monitoring, and data-collection software for 50+ monitoring systems around the world. The platform I built enabled researchers to run massive performance experiments, and I wrote several papers on network anomaly detection.

Platforms Engineering Intern, Google 2007 - Network performance simulation software

CTO, CollegeMedium 2006 - “Craigslist for college students” startup. Successful exit.

Security Engineer, The Fulcrum Group 2004-2006 - Software development and pen-testing

Linux Server Administrator, WebConnect 2004

IT Manager, Georgia Tech Student Center 2002-2004

Peer Leader/RA, Georgia Tech 2002-2003


Georgia Institute Of Technology — MS CS 2007, BS CS 2005

I focused on Network Performance on the Computer Science side of things, and minored in Public Policy focusing on the intersections of Policy and Technology. The NSA gave me a Security certificate. I’m typically taking a class from “Open Yale Courses” at any time.

Bonus Skills

Epic mountain bike adventurer. Ex Mountain/Track/Cyclocross bike racer. Simplifier and Organizer of all things. Occasionally published photographer. Faster Mustache co-founder. MENSA. Eagle Scout. Cellist. Connoisseur of delicious food of questionable health merits.