I've always wanted to find a good way to give back to open source for all the awesome open source software and I have finally found it. you know that photo gallery sofware I use on my website (under collections on the left...) .. well, I am the project manager for Gallery1. There is another guy running G2, but G1 is me and My job is pretty much to get a hold of where the projct it, and set features and milestones and the transition to G2. It should be lots of work and lots of fun and yeah, im excited about it.

If you or anyone you know wants to help out, do some graphics, write some PHP, just let me know and it would be pretty sweet. And I also now have a new place to hang out: IRC. IRC was my first experience with the internet sometime in middle school and I haven't touched it since then so its neat and something else to do to keep me from my work. fun stuff.

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