More not so new things are back.

Well, I have my wantlist back up. Perhaps the most important part. Heh. I bought one of the books that was on there, "Just for Fun" by Linus Torvalds, and I started it yesterday. It's a freaking good book and well, I finished it today while the power was out. I live in downtown Atlanta so I don't quite understand the power going out for an hour in the winter.. but whatver. I'm starting on another book as soon as I figure out which one, and other than that I will be working on CS2340 homework until the end of time. It's not that bad and I know what I am doing, but the squeak environment keeps crashing and our power keeps going out, and given that I am retarded and don't save all the time, things just disapear. Ah well. It's time for orchestra. Maybe tonight I'll program this thing to tell you what day and time I type these news articles in.

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