New Computer

I ordered a new computer, Well, not so new really, but new to me. It was 24$ on ebay with shipping and is going to replace the current router that I have. It should be something like this when I am done with it:
  • Gentoo Linux
  • P1-133Mhz
  • 64MB Ram
  • 4 3Com 10/100 ethernet cards

I am moving into a new house ina couple of months and this computer will balance between a 6000/768 DSL connection and a 3500/128 Cable modem. It will also be the firewall and router for my current machines as well as some additional computers. Chances are pretty good that in a few weeks I will be on here whining about setting up iptables, but it should be fun. Something new to learn with Linux.

[edit]couldnt get DSL. blah. just cable. no good[/edit]

In other news I have been slowly taking more test and getting more tests back and I am doing okay on them. Could be better, could be worse. My 3 major group projects are also slowly progresing and the first georgia tech orchestra concert is tonight.

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