K-Town and Mexican Food

After more driving than I would like to drive due to traffic and the type of rain that makes everyone stop and wait for it to go away Laura and I made it to Knoxville (after managing to spend 25$ at steak and shake on the way. mmm mmm). I still kinda know my way around the place and its nice to think that if I really needed Marble Slab I could get to it. I delivered some Candle's to David's parents (seems odd to me too) and we turned in Laura's b/f's homework and then picked up Julie and went to Kroger.  4 coke fridge packs and 3 2-liter bottles for 10$. How can you not take up that offer! 

Afterwards there was eating and drinking and minimal ammounts of rejoicing as we watched The Big Lebowski. First time I had ever seen it and it was pretty decent.  The next morning I picked up Lindsey for her dorm and we hit up the Cracker Barrel.  First time there too and I could definitely go back.  So then it was back to Atlanta, this time with no traffic and we were going about 90 most of the way so it took a lot less time than the trip there.

Dinner with the guys from The Lair at Taquera Del Sol where plans were hatched to break more things at their house and run up the stairs of the Bank of America building today. (however it seems that the Mexican food and my body didn't get along very well and I've lost 6 pounds in the past 2 hours or so)  After that extended amount of crazyness, Becca and I went to one of her friend's really sweet loft type place and watched Shark Tale.  The direction "kids" movies are going these days..  Shark Tale sends the following message to kids: "It's cool to be urban trash and materialistic." and "Lying gets you places you couldn't get otherwise."

It's group meeting time!

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