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I really hate coming up with titles for these things so I may just take out that "function."  What's the point of a title if these little blurbs are short enough to just glance over?

Anyways I've been working like crazy on senior design the last couple of days. Progress is being made and I'm actually getting familiar with the whole Gallery 2 framework.  The XML-RPC module will now let people login and delete things (even things they don't have permission to delete) so there is a bit of work left but my goal is to have the whole thing done by Friday. The two design challenges left are getting images uploaded through the protocol and how to check permissions, both of which should be fairly straightforward but require me to read a lot of code. Everyone else is getting their stuff done and this thing is going to be sweet when its done. More on what _it_ actually is later..

ckdake.com update: server stats page is new and improved

Biggest news for you computer people out there is I've decided to go with vim for my editor of choice. Emacs just wasn't cutting it for me and Scite wasn't working out too well either. Vim is installed everywhere and it just seems like the right choice.  Its in all of my .bashrc's as EDITOR now and gvim is on the desktop. Back to bustin out the code..

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