Pudge turns 1.

Today, pudge.ithought.org turns 1 year old. It's lasted the longest of any of my servers without problems, probably because I bought it new and paid a lot for it and stuck it in a good colo instead of a sketchy colo or the basement of an office that floods frequently. Pudge has continued to handle the growth of the services it hosts, primarily my email, this website, and Faster Mustache. This amounts to ~30GB of traffic a month, over 1 million web server hits a month, and over 100 thousand emails a month. Things have gotten a little shaky when all the search engine bots hit at once, and this is primarily due to the swapping that occurs when the 2GB of ram get full. I'm looking at putting another 2GB in there sometime in the near future. Then it's going to be disk IO that will be the bottleneck and it'll be time for a new box with SAS drives.

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