Toys. Bikes. Beer.

I was too busy this weekend to water my little turtle widget from these guys and it died. Ah well, the replacement has been planted. This weekend was full of bike riding and event doing and not being home and it was GREAT! School is over for the semester and it was nice to really just have a weekend off. Friday night was the usual hanging out at Johnny's Pizza followed by the midnight ride that ended up at Jason's place. I got home earlier than usual for a midnight ride but not by much. Then Kurt called me at 9 Saturday morning to ask when the race was which reminded me that I had a lot to do before the race so I dragged myself out of bed and got started printing manifests and free beer coupons for toy donors. Jason definitely put on a great race. It had 30+ people on bikes picking up 75+ presents from all over the city (OTP to Lenox Mall to Outback Bikes and more) and bringing them downtown to donate to Toys For Tots. I didn't race and instead took pictures, bought gift certificates for the winning team at Outback Bikes, and helped get the toys back to Jason's afterwards. 4 of us then bombed through the deadlocked Falcons' game traffic downtown and hit the Vortex on Peachtree for burgers and tots. Then back down peachtree to Jason's to figure out who won the race and then over to Ocatane for the post-race party and our keg of Sweetwater Festive Ale. Sometime around 8:30 a different handful of us biked downtown to an "Iron Pour." It was crazy awesome and I got some really neat pictures from it. Then to Village Pizza, then to a graduation party which also happened to be at Jason's place where there was another keg of Festive Ale. After the usual good times (racing track bikes in Jason's living room and crashing into oneanother and bleeding on the floor) it was getting close 2 to and time to head home on bikes and drop people off on the way. Thankfully I got a ride in a car from octane back home with my bike because by the time I got home I was incapable of adding a phone number to my phone. (I blame motorola.) This morning it was off to the airport to drop Melissa off (i have her car keys for the week. muahaha), then biking over to Piedmont Park for some eating outside enjoying the great weather, then back home to work on my growing Gallery todo list. There was supposed to be some mountain biking too but that didn't quite manage to happen.

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