Bikes and customer service

Customer support is almost always awful, or so has been my experience but I've come across something somewhat surprising.. bike related support tends to be awesome. Not just getting my friends that work in local bike shops, but pretty much everything. Some examples:
  • CrankBrothers - first thing was with these guys some time this summer. A piece on one of my pedals snapped on a weld, I called them, and for the $2 that it cost to ship the broken pedal to them, my pedals got a trip to the "pedal spa" and came back completely rebuilt with mostly new parts. Cool
  • Performance Bike - Warehouse in the sky, and what do you know, they do some awesome things.
  • Sigma Sport - I called them because the little plastic mount that holds my wireless bike computer went missing and I couldn't find a way to buy a replacement. They sent me a new one free of charge.
  • Redline via Seattle Bike Supply and Free Flite Bicycles - truly a tag team effort. A new frame I got from a bike shop in Seattle via eBay had a manufacturing defect. That bike shop's supplier sent a replacement frame to Free Flite, the closes bike shop to me that works with Redline. Two companies, neither of which I'd paid any money to, were willing to ship a new frame and ship the old frame back. It doesn't get much better than that! I paid Free Flite to move my headset from the old frame to the new one. $30 ain't bad for something that could have basically been $200 lost due to getting something on eBay.
So bike related things = awesome customer service. That's something I can live with!

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