More web apps

The internet keeps moving along but there are still a few useful tools that nobody has made yet. It's slowly getting there, as the examples below will show, but there are definitely still gaping holes in functionality that I'd really like to see. RSS is tricky because you have no idea what the actual readership of your posts are. Enter FeedBurner. They "Burn" your RSS feed (as they are now doing for this site and Faster Mustache) and provide as useful statistics on RSS feed usage as possible. Google recently bought them, so hopefully at some point in the future I will be able to view RSS feed stats in line with the Google Analytics view of my site. Then there is the aim/email/phone/textmessage/facebook/myspace/etc messaging/presence problem. I should only have to put up an away message "asleep" in AIM to have everything know where I am, put the appropriate away messages up on places, and set my phone to only ring when important people call or when people call about something that is worth waking me up for. When I'm in front of my phone at work, that phone should ring instead of my cell phone. None of this is anywhere near happening, but baby steps are coming along. One of them is GrandCentral, another recent Google acquisition. It doesn't actually resolve much of the above, but gives you one phone number that can forward to different phones depending on who is calling and when, and lets you do some creative things with call screening and voicemail. I'd use it full time if it would let text messages pass through to my cell phone from other people and if when I called people from my cell phone, the from number would show up on the recipients Caller ID as my GrandCentral number. Right now, I'm using it as my public contact number on my resume/facebook/etc so I can screen calls from people I don't know. Lastly, I need a way to get my contacts, todo lists (with deadlines), and calendars in one place. Last weeks toying with Plaxo was interesting but it's lacking a few things. Today I also took a look at 30 Boxes which is a great online calendar and todo list, but no thorough contact management and still no due dates for task items! Why doesn't any good online tool have these? I may give it to using something like Trac with some heavy customization if it comes down to it.

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