New Road Ride

Google is paying me a lot this summer, and I decided to spend some of it on nice things that I've been looking at for a while. One of these was a new road bike. The one I had before, a late 90s KHS Flite 300 was a cragislist find in Atlanta a few years ago for a couple hundred dollars and was my first bike that wasn't a mountain bike. This got me started bike commuting which led to the single speed commuter bike transformation of my old Gary Fisher Tasajara, which led to the fixed-gear Nishiki which led to the Fuji Track Pro that I got a few months ago (which only gets used on the Velodrome). I shipped the Nishiki out here for the summer which is awesome for riding around, but I needed some gears if I wanted to be able to tackle the hills around here on the way to San Francisco or out to the Pacific Ocean. I biked over to Performance because they were having an all bikes sale, and ended up picking up a 2006 Tirreno Razza 1000. It's an aluminium and carbon frame with carbon cranks and Shimano Ultegra 9 components. It was super marked down because the 2008 bikes come out in a few months, they only had 2 left and one of them was in my size (56), it was on sale because of the sale, and as a Performance member I get what works out to be another 20% discount. Hotness. And it's yellow! (I put on my yellow Crank Brothers Candy-C pedals on it for no.w) If Ben ever wakes up I'm gonna see if I can get him to go out on a ride with me.

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