New Year: new update.

Nothing terribly newsworthy to report but a few things of note:
  • Christmas came and went. Highlights are the sheer quantity of photography books and a Park Tool PCS-10. These knocked a few things off my wantlist (as did some amazon gift certificate things) but there's still lots on the list...
  • I guess you could say it's my Christmas present to myself, I got a pair of Seagate 750GB hard drives for the desktop. The 2x300 RAID array was full and this was the pretty obvious next step. They're installed and I've got a few hundred GB to spare for more picture taking.
  • I'm lucky to be alive. Last Friday night while biking from one place to another I had a run in with a pack of werewolves and a bear on ponce. I've got a bit of damage, the bike is mostly ok, and I'm an even stronger believer that helments save lives! There are some pictures if you want to see the details the day of. (The bruises hadn't shown up yet).
  • School and work crank back up full speed on Monday. I'm ready. Bring it!
  • And lastly, it's on. Corndogs and Videogames tomorrow night at my house.

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