Python and Graphs

Apparently people are reading this because I got enough comments about me not having updated all week and me having "stopped blogging" that I'm here writing something about something. So a while ago I wrote a little tool to parse my log files from Gaim and make a pretty graph: pretty talking graph. It shows how many lines I've talked to people on AIM in all of my log files, was a bit of a pain to write, and now that it's been around a few years, I look in the code and wonder what some parts are doing. Plus, I wanted newer, cooler, graphs and something that would play nicely with other programs (like Adium on the Mac), and I've been doing a lot of Python at work, so it was time for a rewrite. So I wrote a Python tool that crawls all of my logs and puts them in a database, and a graphing tool that does things on the database and spits out html for all kinds of graphs. It runs automatically every night and makes a page with all the details: pretty talking graph page. Everything there is done with HTML/CSS (Thanks to the trends graphs on Google Reader for inspiration) and I think it's pretty cool. More graphs in the future (like rates of change, and predictions for when people will pass other people, etc)! I'd also like to figure out some way to graph some e-mail things... We'll see what I can come up with.

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