Web 2.0

So a few weeks ago I decided I'd sign up for this "Web 2.0" thing. I didn't really know what that would mean other than I knew people were using a lot of web services that I wasn't, so here's a list of what I've come up with.
  • I was using Google Browser Sync to keep my bookmarks in all places, but I couldn't get at them from the web. Supposedly they are adding in the ability for that to synchronize with Google Bookmarks, but it's not ready yet. So I signed up for del.icio.us and imported my bookmarks. It's pretty neat, lets me easily add and tag bookmarks from any of my web browsers or any computer, and that let me add the "just bookmarked" block on the right of this website as well as a block on my Facebook profile. It also let me stick a tag cloud on my "about me"ish page on here.
  • Speaking of blocks on this website, the "just shared" block is also new. It's my recently shared items from Google Reader (which also has a new block on my Facebook profile).
  • In light of my note on OpenID, I went ahead and OpenID enabled this web site as well as Faster Mustache. It's neat. I also found a few other things to use my OpenID for..
  • Plaxo is a web tool that synchronizes calendars and contact lists across platforms. I get in with my OpenID and it keeps Apple Mail and Address Book, Google Mail and Calendar, and a few other things all synchronized and lets me access my information online.
  • Basecamp is a collaborative web based tool for getting projects done. I set up an account with it to play with and we're using it to manage the planning of FM.24.07.
  • Today I decided to update my wantlist and ended up building a tool that uses Amazon Web Services to talk to my new Amazon.com wishlist and display those things here. So uh, buy me things!
  • I've been working on a very neat race administration page for FM.24.07 that will be very interactive and have administrative tools for assigning riders to laps etc, as well as a live map tracking file that shows live updates in Google Earth or on Google Maps during the race. I'm learning my way around Yahoo's YUI to do the dynamic aspects of the page, and that is turning out to be very cool.
  • Lastly, and not very web2.0 but close enough for me, I got an Apple Airport Express because the router here was pretty worthless. It's neat because I can actually use the Internet again, but the web2.0ish feature is that I can play music from my laptop to the TV or anything else with a line-in on it. The coolest part of it is iTunes supports multiple speaker targets, so if I had a network with 10 of those routers on it, I could play the same music out of all of them at the same time. It seems that there is a Airport Express player for Linux so I may have to tinker with that some when I get back to Atlanta to wire my desktop into the soundsystem downstairs.
But that's it for today! It's time to get back to adding things to my Amazon wish list.

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