Where to work..

To figure out what to do for the beginning of the rest of my life, I've interviewed at several companies, each for something a little different than the others with the thought that I'm not playing the salary game, but getting a diverse set of options that are each interesting in their own way. As the weeks go by, it's close to decision making time! I'll likely have several (or all) choices from the list below: SugarCRM - "Operations Engineer" * Established startup. Based in Cupertino CA but my manager would be in Austin TX and I'd be working from home in Atlanta. Leader in it's field and poised to do very well. * Building infrastructure management and monitoring system to handle immediate growth ReflexSecurity - Testing Systems Engineer * Established company, but still small and dynamic. Great product poised to do very well. Commute to outside the perimeter in Atlanta, but has a MARTA station very close * Design and build testing facility for next generation Reflex products Web Singularity - Development and Systems Engineering * Brand new startup in Atlanta, strong team and potential to do very well but does carry the startup risk. Commute to downtown Atlanta. * Some application development, but focus on system design and implementation Georgia Tech Office of Information Technology: "Research Scientist" * "Temporary" position but typically this doesn't mean anything temporary. Same commute as usual in Atlanta, would be working for a large state owned institution. * Implementing campus remote access systems (VPN, remote desktop, etc) 50%, projects related to next generation wireless networking 50% Google - Network Engineering and Operations: "Network Management Application Administrator" * Well established company, relocation to Mountain View CA * Deploy, manage, customize, debug, and integrate networking monitoring and management applications TokBox - Systems Engineer * New startup in Palo Alto, CA. Catchy product poised to become very popular but requires relocation. * Design and build scalable system backend

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