Birthday and Vacations

As of the 2nd, I'm 24 now. It's not really any different than any other day, but this is the first birthday I've had after being done with school, having a real job, owning a house, etc, so thats kinda neat. Some spoils:
  • Shed from the parents for storing yard tools, etc
  • Leatherman Skeletool from San
  • LEGOs from San
  • Daniel J. Boorstin Reader from parents
  • Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock for Wii with 2 Guitars from Roger/Ben/Frank/Kurt/Me
  • 5 Pizzas from San
  • Something unknown in the mail from my brother. Will update here when it gets here -> Antitrust DVD and a book "Stuff White People Like"
  • Entirely too many facebook wall, etc, posts from lots of people
I'll probably get me a Dell MD1000 for my hosting setup sometime in the next month or two, but that's not really birthday related. Last weekend was spent in Destin, FL with San and some of her relatives. I took a few pictures and the good ones are here. These include some of my first fireworks pictures that aren't awful. The gorillapod worked out pretty well but next time, perhaps I'll remember my remote shutter release. In 2 Weeks I'll be in Amsterdam for the 4th Galery Developer Conference, and then it's off to Paris. While I've been to both before, hanging out with Gallery people in Amsterdam will be a lot of fun, and I'm managing to squeeze in seeing the final stage of the Tour de France in Paris! Expect many pictures.

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