Collarbone update and new house pictures (finally)

It's been a little over a month since I broke my collarbone, things are slowly getting back to normal. I still haven't ridden a bike outside yet, but I've been on the trainer almost every day and when it's all said and done will have put in ~1000 miles on it. The first 30 days I been worked on my cadence and can do ~125RPMs for as long as I feel like it (on the lowest resistance setting on the trainer) and for the last few days (and next 20 or so) I'm cranking up the resistance and seeing how big I can make the sweat puddle. I'm thinking I should get a heart rate monitor to figure out how much work I'm actually doing. I'm back to using two hands to type pretty well but I'm still mousing with my left hand which is less weird than a month ago but still kinda weird, and it's still not a good idea for me to do things like open bags of chips. More X-Rays in a few weeks and we'll see how it's doing! I also finally got around to taking some pictures of my house. I bought it in December but have been waiting for things to get a bit more moved in. Theres still no dining room table or bed, but I'm not going to be doing any heavy lifting soon so figure it was time to share some pictures of it as is. Nothing has broken yet, Greg has been awesome by coming over to mow since I'm busted, and thanks to my parents I have some trees and bushes planted in the back yard. If you're in the neighborhood and need to watch a HD movie or play some super smash brothers on a big TV, or have a beer on the back porch, just let me know! In other news:
  • My brother got married and is off to New Zealand for his honeymoon!
  • San and I have our plane tickets and hotel reservations for this years Gallery Developer Conference, Amsterdam and Paris in July!
  • They finally put no parking signs on my street on one side. Now it will be possible for things like the Garbage and UPS trucks to make it down the street since cars will only be on one side. Getting out of the driveway will be a lot easier too!

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