Drupal 6

ckdake.com has been upgraded to Drupal 6. However, a lot sadly remains broken. I'll get to fixing things over the next week but heres the list of what won't work:
  • Random quotes in the top right. (Quotes module doesn't work with 6.0 yet
  • Recently listened/shared/bookmarked on the left. (Aggregator module doesn't work with 6.0 yet
  • OpenID logging in. (The module won't install the table it needs, and it should because it's a highly publicized feature of Drupal 6)
  • Gallery blocks. (The settings page just ends up being a blank page, and the blocks won't work. However, navigating to personal -> pictures will still work and all the URLs to images should still work.)
It's a little frustrating how much trouble this is, but that's what I get for wanting to upgrade to a .0 release and before checking the details of which modules are supported! If you notice anything broken around here that isn't on that list, leave a comment here and I'll hopefully get to it quickly!

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