I had to figure out what to do for Internet at my new place. The previous owner had Comcast because he watched a lot of TV and having cable internet made sense for him, but I'd rather not deal with Comcast customer support when things go wrong as well as their network filtering, and I'm not planning on watching any TV. However, he also didn't have local phone service so there was no phone line running to the house and I didn't want to get phone service either. There is a monitored alarm system installed as well, and it has a cellular modem on it so that it doesn't need a phone line, but that costs extra for them to monitor so costs look like this: 1. Comcast + Cell Alarm = 42.95 + 49.99 = 92.94 2. ATT DSL + ATT Phone + Phone Alarm = 20.00 + 32.00 + 36.99 = 88.99 3. SpeakeasyDSL + Cell Alarm = 49.95 + 49.99 = 99.94 Is it worth 10$ a month to not have to deal with ATT and Comcast? Yes. If I do end up getting TV I'll go with Satellite anyways... If you're looking for a new DSL provider, use this link for Speakeasy DSL and I get a few $ off my bill if you sign up :)

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