ride log

Given that I work from home these days, I no longer have a mandatory 12 miles of bike riding every day as part of my commute. I'm trying to still get the miles in, and eventually I'm going to find or make a module for Drupal that makes this easy but for now I'm just going to summarize it on here once a week, So over the last week:
  • Night Mountain Biking: 4 miles at an undisclosed location on Monday with Seth
  • Mountain Biking: 13 miles at Conyers on Saturday with Ben
  • Track: 12 miles at Dick Lane Velodrome with Billy, Austin, and a handful of other people
  • Around town: 41 miles
70 miles for a week doesn't seem to bad, and is pretty similar to what I was getting in towards the end of my bike-commuting to campus, but it's not going to win the Tour de France any time soon, or any solo endurance mountain bike racing. I read that Floyd Landis did 600 miles a week for the year prior to his run at the TdF (Regardless of if he doped or not, and I don't think he did, he's fast), and Chris Eatough, a regular 24 hour solo mountain bike race winner, does 50 miles a day on a road bike according to him in the movie 24 Solo. One of my rides this week was to Decatur to try out a friend's roommate's rollers and trainer, and I'm thinking about picking up a trainer for days when it's pouring rain outside so that I can keep the mileage up (Ben just got one last weekend and I'm interested in hearing what he has to say about it). Expect a full ride log and some GPS traces of the interesting ones sometime in the next few weeks, as well as a way to keep all this from taking up the front page! For now though, I need to figure out where I'm night mountain biking tonight...

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