1999 Roadtrip Journal

I was doing some computer housekeeping and stumbled across a journal I took on a family road trip in 1999, so I imported that here and you can read through what a month long family trip was like for me 10 years ago. Even though I was an angsty teenager, I only had to edit 1 sentence from the 24 days of material. It looks like I gave up towards the end of the trip and stopped writing, but you can see a pretty big list of the places we went to, and how frustrated I was with my younger brother about pretty inconsequential things. After reading all of it, I wish I'd done a better job writing things down, and I wish that I wrote down anything on other trips! Maybe there are some pieces of paper with handwritten things somewhere hiding at my parents house... Just going back through these brief journal entries, mostly devoted to what we ate and where we went, reminded me of how cool some of the experiences I had really were. They also show how consistent I've been about some things:
  • No seafood
  • Lots of bacon
  • Riding bikes
  • Taking pictures
Read on for the links to the pages.

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