Another year goes by and surprise, I'm another year older. As the years pass, the festivities get smaller and the list of spoils shorter, but bigger things in my life can be considered birthday related if they're stretched a tiny bit. San and I have been dating for 2.5 years, which is a pretty long time! And we've been living together since I bought the house we're in 1.5 years ago. I've also been working on the Operations team at SugarCRM for 1.5 years and gotten a lot done, but there's still a lot to be done (and a continually growing list of interesting technical things that I need to write about here). They still fly me out to California every quarter or a so, and each time I get to experience a little bit more of Silicon Valley and San Francisco without having to pay rent there. The GalleryDevelopers Conference was in San Francisco last year and I spent the first half of the week at the SugarCRM office getting some work done, but this time it's going to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico and since SugarCRM doesn't have an office there, I'm figuring out what it's going to take to squeeze in a few days of mountain biking before GalleryCon starts. Last year was my first century (100mile) ride so it's only fitting that this year I did 125 miles (200K), and 2 weekends ago a handful of us that met each other through Faster Mustache rode on the Silver Comet to Alabama and back. Also bike related, while not officially a birthday present, the timing worked out that I got to take my new mountain bike on it's inaugural ride at 7am on my birthday. It's a pretty bike, has dirt all over now, and I'm looking forward to putting a lot of miles on it this year. Many thanks go out to Nate at Outback Bikes for making the build kit side of things happen, and many thanks to Eddie at 55Nine Performance for a fantastic job fitting me and working with Independent Fabrication to get my frame made. The day after my birthday, I headed up to North Georgia for some more mountain biking and revisited the location of my broken collarbone, this time choosing to enjoy miles of fantastic North Georgia singletrack instead of heading to the emergency room after the long climb up a gravel road. I'm still on track for all of my new years goals for 2009, and already thinking about what might happen in 2010. ithought continues to do well and pay it's bills, and I'm halfway through race season. My two goals that needed a little extra kick halfway through the year were nutrition related, so I finally talked to Namrita at 55Nine Performance Nutrition about what I should be eating to fix some cholesterol numbers and make me go faster on a bike. The first grocery store strip with the new grocery list was a very different experience, but hopefully I'll start to notice some differences over the next few weeks. Lastly, I've managed to stay on top of Project 365 somehow. I'll definitely try and keep doing that until the end of the year, but it may be more stress than it's worth so perhaps I'll do some other photography challenge for 2010. Suggestions?

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