Busy Riding Bikes

It's been a month since the last round of update here, and my summer of bike racing has bike racing and riding taking up most of my time outside of work and sleep. Since SERC#3 at Tsali, I've raced mountain bikes at Flat Rock Park and Ft. Yargo. Even though I seem to keep getting 12th place, if I consistently show up at all the GSC races I've got a chance at the podium as I'm 5th of 34 overall in my category so far, and I've put together results and my race schedule on my ride bikes page. My friend David from undergrad at Georgia Tech stopped by and raced in a mountain bike race, but not before we drove to Athens to watch the 2009 Athens Twilight Criterium. I took a bunch of pictures and a few turned out pretty good like: While not racing mountain bikes, there's been a lot of other riding both in the mountains and around town. I have a few pictures from a few rides, and there has been lots of undocumented road riding with FM:Race. Our weekly ride now has an official route that we're pretty consistent with, and Jim (training for an ironman triathalon this year) and I have been squeezing in longer rides on the weekend including and 85 mile one this morning that combined parts of the west side PATH and Silk Sheets:
View Larger Map Then there's also been racing at the Dick Lane Velodrome where after 4 weeks racing on Tuesdays with other beginners, I'm first out of 28 people and moving up to the Cs on wednesday. All my track results are on my ride bikes page as well. Lastly, I'm building a new hard tail mountain bike. Details on that are still a little on the top secret side, but I do have a few photos of some parts that are already here. Hopefully the frame will be here in a few weeks and I'll be able to start putting things together I've also been up to some pretty neat things at work, and will hopefully have a technical post here agin soon so it's not all bikes all the time!

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