2010 ING Atlanta Wheelchair Half Marathon

Very early this morning, I volunteered with Emory Rehabilitation to help support disabled athletes as they competed in the 2010 ING Atlanta Half Marathon in wheelchairs. ~40 or so other volunteers and I rode bikes during the event to provide immediate technical and medical assistance (or call for help), and to direct the racers through the course. Because of how close to the ground they are, it's tough for them to see potholes and other obstacles, and every aspect of the course is more challenging than running or riding a bike: uphills, downhills, and turns. We rode the course several times as a group of the past few weeks to get familiar with the tricky spots so that we could warn the racers ahead of time. I used a Niterider SlickRock 900 on my helmet and the dual-light version of the Niteride MiNewt X2 on my handlebars to both light my way and provide enough light to for my VIO POV 1.5 to capture some video footage (helmet setup photo). Here's the result:

2010 ING Atlanta Wheelchair Half Marathon from Chris Kelly on Vimeo.

Want to help me help some more people by riding bikes without even having to stand up? Consider donating money to the American Diabetes Society through my Tour de Cure page. I'll be riding 100 miles to raise money for Diabetes research.

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