San's last day at work was last Friday (She's fulltime freelance illustrator now, let her know if you need something illustrated!), President's day was a company holiday for me, and I owed my friend David a trip to Charleston because he is stationed there with the USAF and has stopped by Atlanta a few times, so I put in for PTO for Tuesday and San and I took a long weekend and drove to the coast. It was a pretty relaxing weekend of not doing a whole lot other than eating (starting with some midnight Taco Bell on Saturday shortly after we got there) and some light tourism. San, Dave, and I spent a little bit of time exploring and taking photos on a couple of occasions; My friend Campbell from High School joined us for walking around downtown Charleston and a few meals and movies; And Lindsey joined us to go to Joint Base Charleston to see where David works and get a personal tour of a C-17. All the good photos from the weekend are here, and here's a small selection:

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