This past weekend, San and I took our first "real" vacation since our Europe trip in 2008. Friday afternoon we drove down to Destin, FL to spend some time with some of San's extended family. Much food was eaten and many movies were seen. On a boat tour in Destin we got up close and personal with a blue crab and a pufferfish, and we saw bottle nose dolphins and stingrays in the wild from the deck. Once Sunday afternoon rolled around, we headed over to Seaside for a few relaxing days at the beach. Our room was a tight squeeze on the 3rd floor of a tower with a great view: _MG_1229 _MG_1240 We had a great time walking around, making pyramids and sphinxes at the beach, riding beach cruisers around, playing in the ocean, swimming in the pool, and enjoying happy hour with a view of the ocean. I left my camera in the room for most of the trip so hopefully San will get all the photos she took posted, but I did take mine to the beach Tuesday evening and got some pretty awesome shots thanks to sunset, the moon, low tide, and a f/2.8 L lens. Here's a favorite: _MG_1299 Who wants to go in on a big house there at the end of the summer if it's not consumed by the oil spill?

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