A Wild Five Years

My last update here was in 2017, and since then a lot has happened.

  • mtb2k18 in Squamish and Whistler, BC
  • Moved to New Canaan, Connecticuit in 2018 to manage software engineering teams at Bridgewater Associates for 2 years
  • mtb2k19 in Sedona, AZ
  • Added a 2019 Knolly Warden to the stable and rode a bunch of chunky rocky mountain bike trails and downhill parks all around New England, including attending NEMBAFest at the Kingdom Trails in East Burke, VT. Met a handful of great people, built some trails, and rode every wednesday night including when it was 17F out.
  • Family Vacation to London and Disney Paris
  • Christmas with San’s family in Getaria, Spain
  • Went to AWS re:invent 2019
  • A global pandemic began. Lots of Zwift.
  • Moved back, temporarily to Newnan, GA, and permanently back to in-town Atlanta, GA to manage software engineering teams at Zenput
  • Had a second kiddo.
  • mtb2k21 in Crested Butte, CO
  • Retired my 2016 Yeti ASR Enduro and added a 2021 Commencal Meta AM HT to the stable to replace it for XC and adventure riding, back to the Tuesday night ride in town.
  • Lots of traveling and bike adventures
  • Starting a new job on May 23. Stay tuned for details!

The theme here got a (minor) facelift today, and with a few weeks between jobs I’m much more caught up on ‘projects’ than I’ve been in a long time so this place may start to see a little bit more regular updates. I owe you some blog posts, stay tuned for:

  • Mountain biking in Squamish/Whistler, Sedona, and Crested Butte
  • What I learned building a dollhouse from scratch
  • Mountain biking at Paul’s Mountain Place
  • What I learned building a sprinkler system controller with Homebridge and some electronics parts
  • Reflections on Middle Management
  • Any requests?

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