North Eastern Road Trip - June 20

This morning for breakfast, I had scrambled eggs. After waiting for everyone to finish eating, I went and took a shower. For showers on a cargo ship, they were nice, even thought the showerheads were designed to conserve water and did not have any pressure. Now that my hair is short, I can wash it with regular soap, and it gets even cleaner. So after I was nice and clean, I got out my dad's computer and put in the Total Annihilation CD. I played all morning, but the computer had to be packed up all the way for lunch. Everyone on this boat smokes, so they would not come into this room, a non-smoking room, but just to be on the safe side, we do not leave anything in here. After some beef for lunch, I came back up and got out the computer again. Michael played for a while, while I did Algebra, and after about an Hour and Half, I got back on. Soon after, a pack of French speaking teenagers came in. They spoke a little English and my brother speaks a little French, so we tried to talk. Most of them went up to the top deck to smoke, but two girls and a guy were interested in us and we talked for a while. The hardest thing was talking about temperature and school because they use Celsius and a different system of school grades, but we finally figured it out. But then they too went up top to smoke. I would have talked to them later, but I just have a problem with kids who smoke to be cool. I did not catch their names, and I probably will never see them again, so it would not mater if I became friends with them or not. I played TA some more, and then went to dinner. I had medallions of veal, and afterwards I went with my parents to the top deck. All of the kids were still outside smoking, but there was no smoking inside the glassed in part so I did not have to deal with them. Around 10:00, I went to sleep. The sea had gotten rough, so it took a while, and my brother almost got seasick, but I finally passed out.

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