North Eastern Road Trip - June 19

Today was my first day ever that I spent entirely on a boat, well almost. I woke up around 7:20, and we all went to breakfast. I had French Toast, and I ended up eating half of my mom's scrambled eggs. After finishing that up, I went up to Deck D and started doing some Algebra. I actually understand most of what I am doing and that rather surprises me. The whole day, I sat around, trying to work, but I kept being interrupted causing the smallest amount of work to take what seemed like forever. After a lunch of turkey and rice, lunch is the main meal of the day for French people, the ship stopped in Harrington Harbor. We got off the ship and walked around, taking a few pictures. The Purser (chief steward) was sitting on the dock "quality testing" a small crate of Lobsters as we climbed back on the ship. I stayed out on deck for a while and watched them load the cargo containers. It is something that I thought I should do at least once on this trip. The riggers and longshoremen, as they are called in the United States, did their job amazingly fast. I stayed up top while the ship left, and then I went back to D Deck. There was another man in on D, when there usually is no one, and he spoke English! We talked for a while, he turned out to be a local, and we tried to get the Stanley Cup on in English on the TV, but it did not work, and I pulled my Algebra back out. When I finally could pay attention, I got a lot done, I even figured out how to do sequential equations on my calculator. Around 6:00, I met my parents in the room to go to dinner. I had pork for dinner and then walked around the ship for a while, finally settling in the Deck D lounge again. I read some more of 'Ideas and Opinions,' typed on the computer, and around 9:30, I went outside. The sun had been setting for two hours, and there was an amazing scene with the sunset, a lighthouse, and one bright star, all framed by the ship's crane. I got my camera and took one picture, but the shutter stayed open for ten seconds, so I went and got my dads manual camera. I took the pictures with it, with the f-stop turned all the way down. If they do not come out at all, too bad, but if they do, they will be great pictures.

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