North Eastern Road Trip - June 18

Today was a serious transportation day. We got up, Michael before me for once, and packed up. It took Michael forever, but he finally got done and out of the tent so I could get dressed and have room to put up my stuff. The van was loaded up under the bombardment of mosquitoes, we got some ice from the campground manager, and we left. South we drove to the ferry terminal. The drive was a long one, so I pulled out my CD player and book. Breakfast was cheese & crackers and a cinnamon bun at the ferry terminal. The ferry got back late, so we got on and left late, around 11:00 NDT (Newfoundland Daylight Time). On the ferry, I saw a few whales and maybe ten icebergs. The guide for a RV tour asked about my book. He is an old teacher, and seeing a kid reading Einstein surprised him. We arrived in Quebec at 11:45 EDT (Eastern), registered for the three day ship trip which starts 11:45 PM EDT tonight, filled up the van with gas and drove towards red bay Labrador. Once in Labrador, we changed over to ADT again. Our first stop in Labrador was the Point Amour lighthouse. It is the tallest lighthouse in Labrador and Newfoundland. Near the lighthouse was the grave of an adolescent boy, believed to be 7500 years old! It is the oldest known grave in the New World. Then on we drove to red Bay, the whaling capital of the world. We stopped at the visitor center and two gift shops, and I got a T-shirt. We drove back down the coast and stopped to take some pictures at one of the HydroQuebec sites. Around 6:00, back on EDT in Quebec, we stopped at a table on the side of the road and cooked steaks for dinner. I also reorganized my things for the boat, which ended up not taking as long as I thought it would. 7:30, we pulled into the Relias Nordik Terminal and took our things out of the van that we needed on the boat. Our van was driven into a cargo container and hoisted onto the M/N Nordik Express. We got on and found our cabin, number five. The room was about the size of my bathroom at home, with two bunk beds and four lockers. My brother and I each got the top bunks. I tried to fit my things in the locker, but most would not go, and the four of us went up to deck D, the only non-smoking deck. One odd thing is that all of the people on the ship except us speak French, so the only people that I can talk to are my Mom, Dad, and brother for three days! I did a lesson or two of Algebra II, played a few hands of cards, and explored the ship. Around 10:00, I went and got some food from our room, my parents were already in bed; and after eating I brushed my teeth and went to bed as well. My bed was very small, but I brought my pillow, and the beds were built for sailors so they were extra long. So I fell asleep pretty quickly.

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