North Eastern Road Trip - June 22

Today was my mom's birthday, but it still got off to a bad start. My brother was bending over in the tent way too far, and his shirt got pulled up, so I reached over and pulled it back down. He turned around and pushed me as hard as he could, in the tent! I tripped and fell, knocking the whole tent over, causing my dad to come running over screaming at me. But I am used to getting in trouble for things that my brother does, so I'll live. I packed up our tent, which I had trouble taking down because of the way that it was set up, and my dad and I loaded up the van. We bought some ice for our big cooler at the camp store, and my dad and I put it in the cooler. We drove off, south to Quebec City, and my parents talked about Michael's retainers. Now, if he does not wear them every night, my mom is going to have the orthodontist put in permanent ones, and he would die if that happened, so he may actually start wearing the removable ones. Already my parents are making him wear them for some of the time in the day. We drove for a while into Quebec City, but when we got there, it took us some time to figure out how to get up to the top of the city. With my brother's help, who had been here before, we found a road and drove up to the Plains of Abraham National Battlefield Park. The food was pulled out, and we all had steak sandwiches for lunch. We sat on a bench next to the track and open field and there was what seemed like hundreds of people skating, running, or biking around the track. After lunch, we started the drive to our hotel. On the way, after crossing through one of the seven city gates, we found ourselves in the old town and we had to drive through a maze of narrow one-way streets to get to our hotel, the Canadian Pacific Chateau de Frontenac. We unloaded our car, which ended up being pared in the front of the hotel because it was too tall for the parking deck, and took our bags up to the room. Our room was amazing! It was in one of the corner turrets, and it had two floors with a unique kind of spiral staircase in the middle that was only half spiral. My brother and I had the downstairs, while my parents got the upstairs. Five minutes later, we were out on the street walking around. First we went up the boardwalk to the Bastille, but as soon as we got to the actual Citadel, it started to rain. We ran under a tent that was set up, and the bottom fell out of the sky for fifteen minutes. After the rain finally let up, we walked around in the old city. There were thousands of kids with tour groups, and everything was in French, even the Coke cans! This was the first place in Canada where Coke was prevalent over Pepsi, and I bought a French Coke can as a souvenir. That sounds weird, but I already have a Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish one, so why not? I took a shower in my parent's huge bathroom, there was even a big heart shaped hot tub, while my dad went to look in some shops and my mom and brother went to the pool. My dad saw a picture of the presidential suite, and he said that our room was better than it except we were not quite as high up in the hotel, thought we were in the top of our turret. We had dinner in the restaurant in the hotel, Le Champlain, and I ended up with a huge green pepper steak. For once, I actually ate all of my vegetables, but for once also, my parents did not notice. Around 9:30, we all ended up back in the room. My brother and I talked to my mom for a while, and then Michael turned on the TV and watched the same old American Sitcoms. I went right to sleep on my bed of pillows on the floor and my pillow.

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