North Eastern Road Trip - June 23

Today was another travel day, big surprise, but we all got to get up slowly. I took another shower, with actual water pressure, and packed up. I carried the three heaviest bags down to the car, two of them were mine, and I ended up packing up the whole car. The valet, now for the second time, tried to start a Range Rover with our keys, but my mom went and told him that we were in the Honda. Finally, in our van, we drove south on Canada 73. After twenty minutes, we stopped at a McDonald's, and I had my usual combo, an Egg McMuffin. The McDonald's was actually rather nice on the inside, what a shock, with granite countertops and more complicated architecture than usual, but we did not eat inside. It was back to the car for more driving.' Around 11:00, we stopped at a huge covered bridge, the Bridge of Notre Dame. At one point on the road, there was a visual phenomenon. You would put your car in neutral at the base of the hill, and it would seem to roll up the hill, at least if you did not know what was happening. The road simply turned very quickly from slight uphill to steep uphill, but it was a great illusion. In the Northern US this time of year, there were lots of big nasty bugs, and I think every single one of them got smashed on our windshield. The gas gauge said that we should be out of gas already, so we stopped for gas and I had to clean the windshield. It was bad, and I did not get all of the bugs, but it was a big enough of an improvement so I did not have to clean it again. In the store, I bought some real Wheat Thins and a monstrous box of Gobstoppers. Then on we drove to the Mt. Washington area. The KOA campground was nice, but as soon as we stepped out of the van, bugs were everywhere, so we kept driving. We ended up renting a ski condominium for two nights at the Breton Woods / Mt. Washington resort and Inn. Because it was midweek, and the middle of the off season, we got a good rate. My brother and I had our own room with bathroom. There were a few things broken, but I managed to fix both doors and the TV, which is all that really mattered. While unloading, Michael bumped into me and actually cut my arm, but he went and told on me for "bumping into him" and I was yelled at for it. So again I do most of the work and get in trouble for things that I do not do, but I am used to it. There was no cellular service, but my dad has a calling card for 10 cents a minute that bills his cell-phone, so he checked our messages back in Atlanta on the regular phone. There were no messages for me. The only real bad thing about these trips is that I am gone from life for a month, and my friends are gone for the rest of the summer, but I am going to try to get my parents to let me have a bunch of people come up to the lake. I took a nice hot shower before dinner, which ended up being some of the biggest pork chops that I had ever seen. I, the bottomless pit, could not eat all of mine. After getting into an argument with my brother about doing the dishes, I pulled out the Gobstoppers and my book and sat down to read. My brother then got really mad at me and my dad for not being able to explain why a computer can not understand infinity, or how Einstein's' general theory of relativity works, so I went to my room, shut the door, and went to sleep.

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