North Eastern Road Trip - June 6

So begins another family road trip. Yesterday, I packed my two bags and put them in my family's brand new Honda Odyssey. With the design of the van and the Thule carrier on top, I actually have legroom. I have to sit by my brother, but we have captain's chairs and separate sliding doors, so it is not as bad as it could be. All I have to do on this trip is paper, a few books, Algebra II, and my dad's laptop. We got up around 5:00, brushed teeth, and got into the van; to be away from home, friends, and life for four weeks. I went right back to sleep, and around 8:00 I woke in the parking lot of a McDonalds somewhere in north Georgia. I had an egg-McMuffin meal, and pulled out my CD player. Hours went by of CD's, half of one of the books that I have to read for school, The Joy Luck Club. The book is okay, buy all of the Chinese pronunciations are in English. I have taken a year of Chinese, so I now what the author is trying to say, buy it is hard to read. I sat and read as the states rolled by: South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia. We stopped two hours south of DC for lunch at Wendy's. Yawn. More driving. After two hours, at 3:30, we finally arrived at The Dorian's House, all very glad to get out of the car and stand up. They have a cool dog named Sadie, a 6 year old daughter named Sarah, and a 4 year old boy named Peter. My brother is not exactly a dog person, so I got the couch downstairs to sleep on, and he slept upstairs on the floor where the dog could not get him. After unloading a little bit of our stuff, we all piled into the Dorian's Van and went to their other house. They are moving in two days, so both houses were kind of a mess, but it was fun. Sarah and Peter both loved my hair, which I recently buzzed, and us four kids ended up playing hide and seek. After going back to the old house, the eight of us squeezed into their van and went to dinner at The Austin Grill. It was a huge Tex-Mex place. I sat by Sarah, who rather likes me, and I had two tacos, along with five or six servings of chips and salsa. Once everyone finished eating, we drove to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial. The monument is a long set of walls with waterfalls flowing over it. His most famous quotes are etched forever into huge blocks of granite. We drove back to their house and went to sleep.

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