North Eastern Road Trip - June 7

I woke up all wrapped up in the sheet that covered me on the couch. I had a few slices of banana bread for breakfast, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and packed up my stuff. Sarah was somewhat sad to see me go, but we had to get an early start on the road. We pulled out of their driveway around 8:00 and set out for Newport, Rhode Island. On the way, we stopped at Fort McHenry and the inner harbor at Baltimore. I pulled out my dad's laptop and started trying this as we traveled down the highway. At 10:00 my brother and dad got some food at a travel stop, the same one that the bus on my school trip in eighth grade stopped at for breakfast. As the clock slowly ticked the hours by, we pass through Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York. In New York, we crossed the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, which is the second longest suspension bridge in the world. I almost finished my book, along with my gummy bears, and as we drove through Brooklyn, just played "Front Page Sports Ski racing" on my dad's computer. We drove into Westport, Connecticut, to the Lewis's house. Mr. Lewis is the chief of consulting worldwide for IBM. Mrs. Lewis was the only one that was there. We stayed for about an hour to have lunch. There house is under some renovation, so there was not much to do, but I got to go for a ride in their Porsche Boxster with my dad a the wheel. One phrase describes that car: "I want one!" The only thing that I noticed about it that I did not like is that the doors come up too high for someone to lean their arms out, but it is still a great car. At about 2:30, we thanked Mrs. Lewis for lunch, got back in the van and headed off for Newport. We drove for three hours, out of Connecticut and into Rhode Island. The front driveway of the Newport Marriott was ripped out, so we had a fun time parking, especially with an oversized van with a roof rack. Our room was a suite on the sixth floor, and I had to share a sofa bed with my brother! For dinner, I had a room service New York Strip steak, but it was just ok. After eating (and washing my hands dad) I opened the file for my web page on the laptop, only to see that MSWord had ruined it. It put its own stuff at the top and inserted hundreds of spaces and boxes into the code. I spent an hour fixing that and then I typed on this some. After my parents got back, I did the first two sections of exponential equations in my Algebra II book.

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