North Eastern Road Trip - June 8

Today did not get off to a very good start. I woke up at 4:00 without any covers, Michael had "borrowed" them all, so I got under the top cover and he woke up. After a nice long warm shower, we packed up our bags, had breakfast in the hotel, and got back in the car. Instead of moving directly on to our next destination, we drove around Newport for a while. It is a very nice town, and there were very huge "cottages" everywhere. We took many pictures, including the Vanderbilt's summer house, and the Astor's house. An empty lot that size up here goes for around ten million dollars. Today, however, turned into another driving day, and I started my second book for school, Always Running. As far as I can tell so far, it is about a Mexican family that is consistently moving, but I am only on page 34. With my brother playing the ski game, and me reading, we passed through Boston, Massachusetts. We were planning to stop at Bunker Hill and at the USS Constitution, but due to a lot of highway construction, my dad missed both exits. But no harm done, we kept driving. Through New Hampshire and into Maine we drove, along the coast for part of the time. In Kittery, Maine, we had lunch at a restaurant called "Bob's." It was a seafood place, but I am not particularly into seafood so I had two good old American grilled cheese sandwiches. In addition, for desert I had Ben & Jerry's cherry Garcia Ice cream. I am not really a chocolate eater, and it turned out to have chocolate in it, but I ate most of it. After eating, we drove to Kennebunkport, Maine and checked into the Kennebunkport Inn. My brother and I finally have our own room with separate beds. We unloaded the van, and set out to walk around the town. After about an hour and a half of walking, we found no place for my brother and I to eat. My parents have reservations at a nice restaurant. Well, the pizza we found for dinner was really good, and the guy in charge only charged us 10 dollars for a 16 inch pizza and two cokes because the edge of the pizza got a little burnt on one side! So I could not eat the crust, big deal. We headed back to the hotel room, no parents, and I pulled out my dad's computer and installed "Oddworld: Abe's Adventure." It is addictive, and the players mission is to escape from Oddworld and save all of the creatures in it. It if definitely weird. Then, out of nowhere, the people in the room next door to us asked me to baby-sit. I agreed, packed up the laptop, and headed over. The baby, Isaac, cried a lot for the first twenty minutes, but his mom came, then his dad, and he finally got to sleep. Once he was asleep, his parents told me that there was no possible way to wake him up, so I pulled out the computer and played Oddworld for an hour. When I got back to our room around 10:00 with twenty dollars in my pocket, I installed "Total Annihilation," another of the greatest computer games in the world. I played until around 12:00, for it too is very addictive, and in a dead tired bloodshot state, I instantly fell asleep when I got into bed.

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