North Eastern Road Trip - June 9

We drove a lot today, but TA made it easy. WE got up rather early, took showers, packed our bags, and checked out of the hotel before 8:00. Instead of directly hitting the highway, my dad took us by George Bush's compound to take a few pictures. We saw it yesterday, but there was no time to stop for pictures. After a few hours on the road, we stopped at McDonalds for breakfast, now a tradition. It is too bad that they do not have the Monopoly game this late in the year. I could have amassed hundreds of game pieces on this trip, but that is life for you. The computer came out and on seconds after breakfast was done, and I had to let my brother play Oddworld. As soon as he finished the first level, I got the computer and started up TA. Now that I had slept on how to play, I had a basic battle strategy formulated. I beat the first four levels easily. After two tries at the second level, I had to put up the computer for lunch. Lunch was McDonalds today too. Our cashier was new on the job so it took a while, but I ended up with what I wanted so I was happy. Once we were done eating and looking out the windows, we pulled into the first L. L. Bean store in the world, which is still the only L.L. Bean store that there is. I exchanged my old Leatherman tool, which had chipped (lifetime warranty), and I got the Leatherman Supertool PST. It only cost me twenty additional dollars, the money I made last night. My brother got a Swiss Army Huntsman knife. We drove until about 4:00 to our campground. The Bar Harbor Campground is very nice. It has over 100 acres and one could theoretically eat off the floors of the bathrooms. We got an okay campsite. It has power and water, and two reasonably flat spots for tents, but no ocean view. We set up our campsite in about an hour, and I then built our fire. For the fire, I was depending on the wood that my dad bought, but it turned out to be damp lumberyard scrap and it did not want to burn. My parents and brother went walking to scope the place out, and they picked up some oak from the top of the road, it saved the fire, but it could not exactly be called a roaring fire. After Steak and pasta for dinner, I sat in the car for fifteen minutes typing, no TA today. Both before dinner, and in my tent, I read some more of my book and eventually finished it. It was a good book, but some of the things in it were written for older people, and a bunch of the kids in my class will probably look at it the wrong way.

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