North Eastern Road Trip - June 10

No endless driving today! I got up around 7:30, thanks to my brother waking me up, had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and got into the van. While fixing my watch with ducktape and my new leatherman, I cut my finger somewhat badly with the serrated blade; but nothing a paper-towel and a Band-Aid won't fix. We drove into Acadia National Park and took off on the park loop road. The road is one way, which makes it a much better ride. Our first stop was the thunder hole. At mid tide, when the sea is rising, the water cascading into a hole in the rock make a gigantic thunder sound, but our timing was wrong, so we drove on. Everyone got hungry, so we started looking for a place to picnic. Bubble pond was it. I set up our chairs by the water's edge and we all had sandwiches. While my mom, dad, and brother were talking, I got bored and drew a picture of them, at least my mom and dad. On the way out of the park, we stopped in the town of Bar Harbor. We walked around the whole main street, but the only things bought were two Christmas tree ornaments for my mom and dad. I wanted a phish dish (Frisbee), but it was sixteen dollars so I could not get it. After getting back to the campground, I took a shower and typed. We had chicken for dinner, and we started to pack up the campsite. My parents walked up the hill to watch the sunset, and I just wrote down some thoughts. I wish that I had been able to do some of my Algebra II, but all of the stuff from the fire would have gotten on my calculator, and it was getting to be too dark to see. Around 9:00, I climbed in my tent and went to sleep.

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