North Eastern Road Trip - June 11

We drove quite a bit today. I got up around 6:15, but I had to wait for my brother to get out of the tent before I could get dressed. I packed up all of our stuff while Michael took down our tent. It took him forever, but we still were able to get out of the campground before 7:00. From the campground, we headed north up US highway 1 towards Canada. For breakfast, we stopped at McDonald's, again. One odd thing about the McDonald's up here is that they have lobster rolls! A lobster roll is a hot dog bun with lobster in it instead. At only four dollars, I wouldn't trust them, but they are there. Up the road we went to Quoddy Point, the easternmost point in the United States. We walked around in the freezing cold for a few minutes, had our ears blasted out by the foghorn, and got back in the van. We crossed into Canada and went to Roosevelt Campobello International Park. In the park was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Summer Home. We took the tour, got our America's National Park Passports stamped, took some more food out of the back of the van, and got back in. For about 60 miles, we backtracked. Originally we were going to drive see the eastern hemisphere's largest whirlpool, but the ferry to the island was closed, and the land route would take four hours, getting us there around low tide, when there would be nothing to see. I got very bored in the car, so I decided to make a birthday wish list, even though my birthday is on the last day of this trip and I will not be able to get anything. Surprisingly enough, there was hardly anything that I wanted! Usually there is a mile long list of things, buy this list had seven things on it, most of which are just dreams and not actual things that I think that I will be able to get. Around 4:00, we got to our campsite, the Chignecto campground next to the Bay of Fundi. Well, it is not exactly on the water, but we are within a short drive. Our campsite was one in the two that were left. Somehow, the whole campground was filled up although it is very early in the season. The area was covered in bugs, but we set up anyway. We then drove around some and took pictures of the bay. This bay is special because it has the largest tides in the world, almost fifty feet! I took one picture of the depth marker and one of the dock that is in all of the discovery channel specials at low tide. We looked at restaurants and decided that a seafood restaurant would be better than trying to cook out in the open in a swarm of bugs. So we drove back, packed up everything but the tents, and headed towards the restaurant. I had roast beef, I am not a big seafood fan, but my brother had a huge lobster. It took him forever to eat, but when we left the place at 9:30, the sun was still up. Now, almost at high tide, I took two more pictures, same as before but with the water forty-five feet higher. The sun finally went down around 9:45, as we pulled into the campground, and we all brushed our teeth and went back to our campsite. We could not light the fire because it was so late, and my brother went right to sleep, but I typed and tried to fix my web page, which MSWord messed up again. I wish that I had brought my HTML editor disk! I got in the tent around 10:00. (We are now in the Atlantic time zone.) My brother and I did not kill each other, but I am still very sick of being around him 24-7. We played six hands of poker, and then promptly passed out.

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