North Eastern Road Trip - June 12

This morning we got up around 6:30, so we could get out before the black flies came after us. It almost worked, but everyone seemed to be in a bad mood, and right as we were finishing up packing the car, the bugs attacked. We rushed to get out, so my bag was on the bottom completely unzipped, and the rest of the van was not completely organized. We drove back down to the bay and tried to take some more pictures, but the sun was coming up right across the bay, so we would have to shoot into the sun. That just did not work. So on northward we drove. The next stop was Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park (New Brunswick). The third vehicle in the park today, we parked and walked to the visitor center. It was not quite open yet, but we walked through and walked about half a mile to the flowerpot rocks. At high tide, they look like ordinary islands; but at low tide, they look like natural flowerpots - hence the name. We were there near low tide, so we walked down the steps and took some pictures from the bottom. On the way back to the car, we took a shortcut, so we did not end up going by the visitor center again to get our books stamped. Around 9:00 we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. I had the best egg McMuffin that I think I have ever had. It almost tasted like they cooked it after we got there and not three weeks ago in Mexico! I was the only one that got food, so I ate in the car, dumped my trash, and we pulled into a gas station. My dad pumped the gas and I had to wash the front window. Once back on the road, Sugar Ray's Every Morning came on the radio. I started to sing along, thoroughly scaring both of my parents. The Canadian radio stations actually have a lot of American Alternative rock stuff, although half of the news broadcasts are in French. We drove across the Confederate Bridge, a brand new bridge that connects Prince Edward Island with the mainland, and then went south on Canada Highway 1. Our first stop on Prince Edward Island was "the bottle house." The bottle house is what the name implies, a house made of bottles. There were actually three buildings, each made of a total of 25,000 glass bottles. It was not completely amazing, but it sure was weird. The house is in "Riply's Believe it or Not." Somewhere along the way, we got somewhat lost, but eventually we found our way back to where we needed to be, and we drove into PEI National Park. We drove out of the park and got somewhat lost again, but we found our way back to the park and had lunch on the beach. It is easy to get lost in this park because it stretches out along almost one whole coast of the island and is chopped into lots of little pieces, sort of like America's National Seashores. Somewhere around 5:00, we got to our campground. The person at registration just assigned us a site, when usually we get to pick our own, but it was a big enough site. It was my turn to set up the tent, which I did. When my brother is setting up the tent, I usually do other work, but this time, he just sat around doing nothing. He built the fire, and I went off to the beach. Our campground is right on the beach, and it is a great beach. Around mid tide, the water is one to two feet deep for about fifty feet out into the ocean. Perfect for skim-boards, ultimate, or any other beach game. Nevertheless, Michael was being a wimp, and we did not bring any beach stuff, so I just ran in the water. I can not explain how good it feels to be running with only my feet and a foot of water, but it felt great. I took a shower, as my brother helped some little boys fill water balloons to attack girls. So I was clean, and he was just sitting there for the rest of the day wet in his swimsuit. We had honey BBQ pork for dinner, and once again there was no help from Michael with dishes. After being too full to eat, he tried to make a Jiffy-Pop popcorn on the fire. That ended up simply being thrown into the fire whole, but I told him that it would not work. We, with the exception of Michael, packed up everything but the tents and I sat in the car away from the bugs to read. I am now working on "Black Boy," another of my required summer reading books. I only have to read two of them, but I have so much time on this trip that I am reading all four. While reading, my mom came in and talked to my brother and I about basically being nice to each other. That was so wrong. I do everything that I can, while Michael does nothing, and being the older brother, I am blamed for everything. Oh, well. Life is never fair. After finishing chapter 10, I went to the bathroom, typed up today, and went to bed.

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