North Eastern Road Trip - June 13

I got up earlier today than I ever have before that I can remember: 4:30 Atlantic, which is 3:30 my body time (eastern). We got up very early, packed up everything in a swarm of giant mosquitoes, and left the campground for the ferry to Nova Scotia. The ferry was huge, but at 5:30, there was almost no one on it so we had a lounge for fifty to the four of us. I read a few more chapters in my book and listened to the first few songs on my Ben Folds Five CD. As soon as "Army" started, we had to pack up our few things to go back to our car. Around 6:30, we pulled of the ferry and just drove east. I already had had breakfast on the boat, eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns, but at 7:30 we stopped at McDonalds. The only thing purchased was a medium coffee for my dad. On the boat, free coffee was given on the earliest trip each day, a nice touch. After stopping for gas around 8:30, we drove on in a loop around the island. On the way to an unknown destination, we got lost. There was a crowd of people on a bridge on the dirt road that we were on. Apparently, there was a Bald Eagle fishing in the river right there. I thought that it was really cool, but my dad just kept on driving. We finally found our way back to the road and our next stop was the Alexander Graham Bell museum. It was pretty cool, not just the telephone, but lots of air things, and a huge hydrofoil boat called the "HD-4." Afterwards, I fell asleep, 3:30 was a little too early for me, and I continued to sleep until 4:30, when we arrived at "the Inn of the Keltic." Originally we were going to a campground, but the first choice was closed, and the second choice was only half open, so no power or water. The hotel was amazing, out on a thin point of land with gigantic cliffs on either side. We swam in the pool for an hour, then cleaned up for dinner. Somehow, I was counted as a child, so my four-course dinner was only twenty dollars. My main course was steak, and for desert, I had champagne and peach ice cream. I also invented a sound for a rabid lobster while "high on life," and pestered my brother with it until the end of dinner. Right as we walked out of the hotel restaurant, I burst out running down the hill to our part of the hotel. It felt really good to actually be running. My brother accidentally clogged up the toilet, so we had to call a janitor. I got the computer from my dad, as he was going to sleep, and I typed and played Total Annihilation.

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