North Eastern Road Trip - June 14

Finally, a day with no sightseeing. We all got up around 8:00 and walked across the parking lot for breakfast. I had an Atlantic Breakfast, which was eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns. It was very good, but I could not eat all of it. After eating, My dad and brother went off to play golf. My mom and I went along, only intending to walk the first two holes, but my dad let me drive the cart, so we stayed for the whole eighteen holes. I played one hole, so I was the best for the day with a six. Personally, I do not really like golfing, I mean, what is the point of it unless you are really good? We stopped at the tenth hole for hotdogs (which I also do not like), and I ended up driving the golf cart for fourteen holes. When we got back to the hotel, there were cheese and crackers for lunch. I put on my swimsuit and got into the van to go to the beach. The beach we went to was a strip of sand between the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and a freshwater lake. The sand on the saltwater side was better, so I went and got the shovel and we dug in the sand. I would have body surfed, but being part of the North Atlantic, the water was a little bit to cold to get near it. I was planning on taking a shower at the beach, the are usually showers at the beaches, but this one did not have a shower. We all piled into the van, covered with sand, and we drove back up the hill to our rooms. I took the first shower, and then watched TV while my brother took a bath. He has a weird thing with refusing to take showers, but that is just him. We had dinner around 5:30 in the same restaurant as breakfast, and I had a Philly cheese steak thing. We had to eat early because the restaurant closed at 7:00 today (peak season officially starts tomorrow). After dinner, my dad and I played a round of horseshoes, and then I played Ping-Pong with my mom for a long time. We both actually turned out to be pretty good, so we hardly ever had to walk around and pick up balls. After I almost went blind from the lights, my dad and brother came up. We watched auction TV for a half-hour. It was actually pretty interesting, there were a bunch of red-necks that were amazed when something turned out to be worth more than the five bucks that they paid for it at a yard sale. I then went to the room, played a quick game of Total Annihilation, and then watched TV while falling asleep. I was hoping that I would not watch any TV on this trip, but sometimes there is just nothing to do.

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