North Eastern Road Trip - June 15

Today for breakfast, my brother and I just had doughnuts and orange juice in our hotel room. We packed up our bags, loaded up the car, and headed off for Sydney, Nova Scotia. It seemed to take forever to get there, but after starting Ideas and Opinions of Einstein, starting my 400 page calculator manual, and listening to five or six CDs straight through, we got there. My dad took the van to get its 3000-mile check-up, while the rest of us started laundry. He came back by, picked me up, and we went to a Petro-Canada station to wash the car. While we were washing, it started to rain, so we both got somewhat wet, but the car got clean. Then we went and picked up my mom and brother and headed for McDonald's. The McLobster started at this particular McDonald's yesterday and my dad had it. I would never try it, but he said that it was actually okay. I had a Big Xtra combo meal. It is an extra large cheeseburger that is actually cooked with things like pepper! The calories in my whole meal probably could have stunned a full-grown horse, but it sure was good. With a clean van, and full stomachs, we got back in and drove for the Sydney Ferry Terminal to catch our ferry. Originally, we were going to take the 11:30 PM ferry, which would get us there around 6:00 AM, but they added a 3:00 ferry that got us there at 9:30. So we bought the ticket for our car for the 3:00, played cards for thirty minutes, and went back to our van when they made the announcement. Once on the ferry, I took my whole book-bag on the passenger deck, while most of everyone else had simply a book and a jacket. We sat up in the reserved Baccelieu (first class) Lounge, although we did not have first class tickets. Out of the 200 or so seats in that room, there were probably about ten people. Right as we were leaving the terminal, my dad wanted to see if his cell-phone worked up here so he let me call one of my friends in Atlanta. We talked for about ten minutes, finally a familiar voice besides my family, before she had to go. For the rest of the ferry trip, I mostly listened to my CDs and read my two books, but I also had a hot-dog (ugh) for dinner, and a coke/orange during right before we got off. Towards the end of the trip, I watched 'Wrongfully Accused' on a TV in the lounge, and after it was over, my brother and I looked into the cockpit with binoculars. It was actually fairly interesting. I found a monitor that showed ship position and all of the engine stats, so I watched that for most of the time. The ocean fog completely covered the ship and the land, so the pilot of the ship was sailing on instruments only. The ship docked safely, we went back to our van, and waited for the signal to drive off. The ship was huge, almost 8000 passenger seats, so it took a while, but we were close to the front of the line. Like I said, we were originally going to get here in the morning tomorrow, but we were here, so we looked for a hotel. My dad has all of the AAA and CAA books, so finding a hotel was easy, but the best one was full so we had to go with a so-so hotel. The fog made the whole drive look like a scene from the X-Files, hitchhikers with a glowing light behind them, and bright glows coming over treeless hills, pretty cool looking. (The X-Files is the only TV show that I 'have to' watch every week.) The hotel had just gotten a new set of keys, so my dad could not get either of our doors open, but thanks to the teenage things that I do, I was able to get both of them open. We only brought in our clothes bags, so my brother turned on the TV and watched 'Just Shoot Me' and 'News Radio' on NBC. Right after they were over, I went right to sleep.

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