North Eastern Road Trip - June 16

Today we got up around 7:30 Newfoundland time, which is 6:00 eastern time. This is kind of weird how I am two time zones east of Atlanta's, which is eastern and the furthest east in the US. Nevertheless, life is weird, so I will get over it. I was going to take a shower, but the hot water in my room did not work, and I was not about to take a Canadian cold shower, so I put my clothes back on and went to breakfast. I had a breakfast special, eggs, bacon, toast, OJ, and hash browns to eat. Afterwards, I opened my parent's room for them, packed up my stuff and loaded up the van. My dad checked us out of the hotel, and we drove north. In the car, I again read, played with my calculator, and listened to CDs. We drove for a while, and upon entering a small coastal town, we stopped for groceries. There are no Wheat Thins in Canada! I have two cans of fake cheese and nothing to use it on, but I did get a bag of chips and some ginger ale. We packed up all of the groceries in the parking lot, except for Michael who never does any work, and got back on the road. Around 1:00, we got to Gros-Morne National Park. It is famous for having all of the textbook examples of plate tectonics. We had sandwiches on the side of a huge glacial lake and took some pictures. My dad's first new roll of film was inside the canister completely. I almost had it out with a pocketknife when my brother started yelling at me and trying to take it, so my dad got mad and took it. It ended up that I got to smash the canister with a pair of pliers and it all got thrown in the trash. My brother also scratched up his door when he opened it into a box that was on the ground next to the car. We got back into the car and headed for the Green Point campground. It was the only one open, and the only facilities are pit toilets and one water faucet. However, the national park pool, something unknown in the US, was seven minutes away, so we all took showers there. After setting up camp as usual, my dad and I went and bought bottled water and firewood. I built the fire, according to Michael's 'plan' for who does what, and my dad cooked huge steaks for dinner. He has a gas camping grill and he could barley fit all four steaks on it! As usual, we all (except for Michael, and I will stop mentioning it) cleaned up and went out to the beach to take pictures. On the way, we saw two huge rabbits and about twenty tree squirrels (not regular old squirrels from the city). The sun was too high to get the right shot, so we walked back and I typed for a while. Ate 9:30, my dad went to get the pictures that he wanted. Being this far north, the sun does not go down until around 10:00 PM, and It comes up around 4:30 in the morning. Oh yeah, today I also organized all of my stuff and re-did the wiring in the car (DC-AC Converter, laptop, Discman, and battery charger). I went to bed around 10:00.

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