I am starting to get my bookmarks database up on this thing. It eventually should be pretty neat but for now the format is a little bit sloppy. You can check it out here if you are interested. Along with finishing that up I am going to come up with a way to edit cds, news entries, and bookmarks through the website which doesn't really affect anyone but me but i think it is pretty cool.

On the topic of being cool, I finally got LDAP and single signon working at work with a new image of Mac OSX 10.3. This means that (once I have imaged all of the machines) anyone will be able to log into any machine in the student center with their user name and password and have all of their documents and the documents for the groups they are in accessable like they are in their homefolder on their machine. I start setting up the client machines on Tuesday and we will see how thigns go.

I didn't have public policy this morning, I got free pizza at noon (long story) and free pizza is coming after orchestra tonight and then tomorrow is friday! Woohoo! Oh yeah, I got an 80 on my psych test and I should find out what I got on my databases test tomorrow but I'm not too worried.

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