Squeak and TV

My first group project thing was due today for CS2340. The initial GUI for our genealogy tool written in squeak. It is.. interesting.. Let's just say me and the rest of my group are going to meet on sunday and redesign the thing. Squeak is new to all of us so we spent most of our time on this part of the project learning how to use it instead of writing good code so a lot of our code is just a mess. However, as painful as it has been, I do kinda like squeak and this should be a cool project once we get some design work done. As for other projects, I finally have gotten the project specs for CS4400 - we are going to be making a database for managing campaign finances for a local government. That should be kinda interesting and its time to bust out a sweet java gui for it. woohoo.

In other news, I am not in posession of my friend Richard's USB TV tuner so I can watch TV on my laptop now and I finally have dual displays working on my linux machine how I like them. One of these days I will get a picture up here of what my desk is looking like.

Anyways, I have a test in CS2340 thursday and the only other event this week is Valentines day. It's time to go do something besides sit in front of my computer.

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